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Corporate Social Responsibility

What is it?

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is about managing our business in a way which supports our clients, staff and the local community, whilst minimising the negative economic, environmental and social impacts of what we do. These goals are enshrined in the firm’s mission statement, namely “Poole Alcock is committed to achieving and maintaining:

  • High standards of client care and customer satisfaction;
  • Providing advice and representation to its clients of a high standard;
  • A diverse business which meets the legal needs of its clients;
  • A reputation within Cheshire as a main provider of quality professional legal services;
  • A fulfilling, happy and fair place to work; and
  • A transparent management process which involves all of its people and works towards a profitable and successful future”.

The firm recognises that its success has been built upon the local people who work within the organisation together with its reputation within the local communities in Cheshire. That being the case, the way in which the firm interacts with its people, clients and the local community at large are key ingredients in the future prosperity of Poole Alcock.

In that sense CSR is, firstly, an integral part of the firm’s business planning and secondly, an issue which is relevant and important to everyone who works at Poole Alcock.

Who is responsible for CSR?

In short, everyone – but in particular, Anna Burns, who is a Partner based at the Sandbach office. Anna has overall responsibility for this policy, its annual review and the projects implemented to meet our CSR aims.

What do we want to achieve through CSR?

For our clients

We aim to provide a service for our clients that we would want to receive ourselves. We will strive to be professional, efficient and responsible in the services which we provide. We will work towards and maintain practice standards (such as Lexcel and Quality Conveyancing), to help support these aims.

We will listen to our clients and learn from the feedback which they give to us, so that we can improve their experiences of instructing us going forwards.

When we get things wrong, we will apologise and try to put things right for them.

For our staff

We will provide a fair and fulfilling place to work, where all staff will have equal opportunity to advance. We will continue to support training towards professional qualifications through ILEX and trainee solicitor recruitment.

We will promote diversity in all we do and promote mutual respect of people and the ways in which we are different to each other. We will work towards full membership of the Law Society’s Equality Charter.

We will promote and support social and recreational activities for staff within the firm.

For our community

We will view ourselves as having a symbiotic relationship with our community and will take an active role to make a difference. We will make a contribution to our community through:

  • Offering publicly funded work, where practicable;
  • Volunteering in community projects;
  • Supporting local charities and their fund raising activities; and
  • Working towards a reduction in the environmental impact of how we operate through reduction of waste and energy consumption.

What can you do?

All staff are encouraged to get involved. Any suggestions in relation to initiatives which we can undertake will be welcomed.

Please contact Anna Burns to discuss any ideas which you may have.

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