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Council Tax to rise in Nantwich

Councillors have announced their regret at having to raise Council tax for householders, however,...

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Council Tax to rise in Nantwich

22nd February 2016

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Councillors have announced their regret at having to raise Council tax for householders, however, they claim it is needed to fund frontline services.

The rise of 3.75% is part of Cheshire East Council’s bid to raise additional money to fund services for the vulnerable, elderly and young. This will see an annual increase of £45.61 for band D properties, from £1216.34 to £1,261.95.

Cheshire East’s Cabinet will be asked to recommend this 3.75% increase to Council Tax during their next meeting on February 25th. Councillor Peter Groves, of Nantwich South and Stapeley, cabinet member in charge of finance, has commented that the council are proud to have maintained a zero tax increase for five years.

The council must play its part in helping to reduce the high level of national debt. The cut of more than £19million in government grants in 2016-17 places “substantial strain” upon the authority, and they have no other option than to raise the cost of Council tax.

Cllr Peter Groves also added:

“This increase is required due to the change in national policy to shift the burden of funding from central to local taxation.

In time we will have to become even more resourceful in the way we deliver services, achieve our economies and minimise any future rate rises.”

Deputy Leader of Cheshire East Council, Cllr David Brown, also added that he hopes residents will understand the position that the local authority has been placed in, and recognise that they will continue to deliver excellent value for money. He also pointed out that other local authorities have decided to increase their council tax by 3.99%, with the potential for the same level of increase, year on year for the next five years.

Residents First

In a report summary of the The Council’s Corporate Plan 2016/20 and Medium Term Financial Strategy 2016/1, the local authority says they put the residents first and arrange delivery of over 500 local services. This includes fostering services that have received national recognition for what they have achieved within the borough.

As part of the Council’s Corporate Plan for 2016/17 a “Residents First” budget has been proposed within the report for consideration. Other propositions include the ability to create the best conditions for private sector investment, economic growth and prosperity, as part of the critical success of the Borough, as the Council’s reliance on locally generated income increases.

For access to the full report and further detail on the councils buffet proposals, see here.


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