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If you’re thinking about making a Will, you might think that the most cost...

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If you’re thinking about making a Will, you might think that the most cost effective way to do so is to draft one up yourself – a ‘DIY’ Will. There are, however, huge advantages to instructing a professional – in particular, a solicitor – to make your Will for you instead. The Law Gazette recently shared the results of a survey by Will Aid which indicated that the majority of participants preferred to use a solicitor to make their Wills. These are some of the reasons why so many people think it’s best to instruct a solicitor to make your Will:


As probate solicitors, Poole Alcock have seen a number of homemade Wills that have not been executed (finalised) properly. This can cause your family real difficulties in administering your estate. Something as simple as an inappropriate witness, or a misspelt name, could leave your executors in a very awkward situation. When finalising your Will with a solicitor at Poole Alcock, we will ensure that none of the strict requirements for executing your Will are overlooked. You can be certain that it is a valid and enforceable document that properly records your wishes.

Expertise and Advice

With a collective Will writing experience of over 50 years, Poole Alcock’s Probate solicitors will be able to advise whether what you want to do in your Will is actually achievable (and legal), and will know how to phrase your wishes within your Will so that there is no question as to what you intended. Many DIY Wills fail for being too vague, or unenforceable, and people’s wishes are not fulfilled due to not having the right advice.

Also, without professional advice, many clients’ are not aware of the tax implications of the actions in their Wills. People with large estates who make DIY Wills are potentially costing their loved ones tens of thousands of pounds in Inheritance Tax by not seeking proper advice about their Will.


For a Will to be valid, a person must be of sound mind, and there must be no evidence of undue influence. Many DIY Wills could be contested on the basis of incapacity or duress, particularly if a Will is made during a period of ill health. Instructing a solicitor to make your Will provides you with certainty that an appropriate professional has overseen the process – a solicitor will not allow you to sign your Will if they think you do not understand it, or if they think someone else is forcing you to make it.

A solicitor can also provide you with advice about how to reduce the risk of a family member making a claim against your estate.

Contact Us

If you would like more information on making your Will with Poole Alcock, please contact us on 0800 470 1427 for a consultation with one of our expert Wills and Probate solicitors.

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