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A resurgent high street?

In our weekly look into the world of business, Jonathan Hill from our Corporate...

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A resurgent high street?

28th June 2017

News : Commercial

In our weekly look into the world of business, Jonathan Hill from our Corporate and Commercial team, takes a look at Dixons recent success…

Despite gloomy predictions from analysts regarding the future of the British high street, the electrical retailer Dixons is set to report a 10% increase in profits this week, seeing off stiff competition from online retailers such as Amazon, who are increasingly dominant in the electronic goods market.

Dixons attribute this growth in profits to their decision to move away from a traditional retail model and offer a wider range of products and services, increasing the firm’s market share and bolstering consumer confidence in their brand.

It is reported that Dixons eventually plan to transition to a subscription-based retail model, in which consumers purchase ‘bundles’ of electrical goods and services, rather than owning individual products outright.

Dixons will be hoping that their most recent figures signal a return to high street shopping, albeit in a somewhat different format than seen in previous years.

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