Rooney Drink Drive 1024x1024 - Penalty Points for Rooney?

Penalty Points for Rooney?

Everton fan or not, most of you will be aware that Wayne Rooney was...

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Penalty Points for Rooney?

15th September 2017

News : Motoring Offences

Everton fan or not, most of you will be aware that Wayne Rooney was recently charged with drink driving. Whilst we don’t know the details of the case, we do know that he will be appearing in Stockport Magistrates Court on 18th September 2017.

As most of you will know, drink driving can have serious consequences for the person charged with this offence. If convicted, you will almost certainly be disqualified for a minimum of 12 months.  If you don’t have the income of a footballer, you are unlikely to be able to afford a chauffeur to drive you around for at least 12 months. Losing your licence could therefore have serious consequences for you and your employment, and your family.

It can be possible to avoid a disqualification if you have “special reasons” which will provide a partial excuse for committing the offence.  Examples can include having your drink “spiked”, the shortness of distance driven, or driving in a genuine emergency when no other options were available.  Such reasons will be specific to each individual case, and our team of experienced lawyers will be able to advise you on whether you have any special reasons available.

Not only can you face disqualification, but you can be punished further by the courts as they can impose a financial penalty upon you, make you subject to a community penalty, or you could even face imprisonment in some cases. The punishment you will receive will depend on the circumstances of your case, the alcohol reading that you have given, and your previous record, if you have one.

If you, or anyone you know, has been arrested or charged with drink driving, it is essential that you contact our experienced team of lawyers specialising in motoring law at the earliest opportunity in order to discuss your case, and any options that may be available to you.

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