Poole Alcock Divorce Update: Post-Summer Split

Poole Alcock Divorce Update: Post-Summer Split

Rise in Divorce Petitions Divorce is not on the plan for most holidaymakers, but...

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Poole Alcock Divorce Update: Post-Summer Split

25th September 2017

News : Divorce & Family

Rise in Divorce Petitions

Divorce is not on the plan for most holidaymakers, but UK relationship charity Relate reports a 20 % increase in calls in September.  This puts the post-summer holiday spike in relationship breakdowns on a par with the widely reported post-Christmas divorce rush.

It’s not easy coping with the long six weeks holiday. Trying to juggle childcare and keeping the kids entertained whilst also managing the additional strain on family finances. Combine that with annual leave and spending more time together, and if you venture abroad; flight delays, hot weather and disappointment can all amplify issues which were already there below the surface.

In the UK there is only one ground for divorce; the irretrievable break-down of the marriage. Unless you and your spouse are currently separated for at least 2 years you will need to rely upon the fact that the other has committed adultery or their behaviour means it is intolerable to live with them. Your partner’s unreasonable behaviour might have been something you have been prepared to put up with, but another unhappy summer holiday may be the catalyst you need to take action.

Divorce Advice

If you’ve had a difficult summer come and speak with our specialist family lawyers based at each of our offices. Our lawyers can give you some initial free advice and have a chat with you about your options. There is no obligation if you don’t feel ready, but we can fully explain the process and put you at ease about what is to come.

Call now on 0800 389 7093 or complete the form linked here and we will call you back.

For more information see our Divorce & Family services page.

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