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How to manage your employees during the festive season

The festive season is nearly upon us and many employees will be looking forward...

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How to manage your employees during the festive season

7th December 2017

News : Employment Law

The festive season is nearly upon us and many employees will be looking forward to letting their hair down. Unfortunately, some staff will be tempted to take the festivities too far causing problems in the workplace. Nobody wants to be the office Scrooge. It is, however, important to make staff aware of the standard of behaviour expected of them throughout the festive period.

Hangovers and Appropriate Procedure

If staff turn up for work hungover this may be a disciplinary matter if it renders them incapable or unsafe to perform their role.  It is imperative to have a clear disciplinary policy in place and to ensure it is followed as appropriate.

Managing Behaviour Before An Event

It is sensible to speak to staff before a work Christmas event to set out the standard of behaviour expected. It may also be wise to point staff in the direction of the work handbook making it clear the types of behaviour that may render them subject to a disciplinary.

Social Media and Business Reputation

Staff may be keen to share news and pictures of their fun at the work Christmas party. A clear social media policy should explain what content is considered appropriate and whether or not staff are authorised to name their employer on their social media accounts.


It is no secret that over-consumption of alcohol sometimes leads to poor behaviour. One way to avoid such over-indulgence may be to limit the amount of alcohol provided on the business’ account. In addition, employers should consider whether to provide transportation for staff; not only should this ensure that everyone arrives home safely, it also limits the time spent consuming alcohol.

If you need advice about managing your staff and implementing appropriate policies please contact the Employment Team on 01270 625478 or email here.

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