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Early Return of a Driving Licence

If you have been banned from driving you can apply to the Court to...

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Early Return of a Driving Licence

24th January 2018

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If you have been banned from driving you can apply to the Court to remove the ban early to enable you to return to driving.

The Court can, in some circumstances, remove the ban.

If you have been banned for 3 years or more, you can apply to get your driving licence back early.  You must wait for 2 years after you have been banned or halfway through your ban, which ever is longer.

How do I get my Driving Licence back early?

To get your licence back early you will need to apply to the Court.  The Police are informed about your application and do have the right to attend Court. The Police may object to this and may attend at your address in advance of the hearing to discuss your application.

It is not an automatic right to have it returned early; simply saying “I want to drive again” is not a good enough reason.  You will need to have an outstanding good reason. For example, a new job, a promotion dependant upon driving again, charity work or some health issue in the family which would be helped by you being able to drive again.

In the assessment, the Court will consider various factors including but not limited to your character and personal conduct and/or the nature of the offence for which you were originally banned.

If you are successful you will then need to immediately apply for your driving licence.  You cannot drive unless you have your licence back in your hand.

If the Court refuses your request, you have to wait 3 months before you can ask again.

We are experts in making effective arguments on behalf of our clients. If you would like to make an application for the early return of your driving licence, visit our motoring services page here for more information or fill in this form and we will get in contact with you at your convenience.

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