meso 1 - Action Mesothelioma Day 2018 – Liverpool Town Hall

Action Mesothelioma Day 2018 – Liverpool Town Hall

Each year, hundreds of people gather in cities across the UK to raise awareness...

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Action Mesothelioma Day 2018 – Liverpool Town Hall

18th July 2018

News : Personal Injury

Each year, hundreds of people gather in cities across the UK to raise awareness for mesothelioma, to call for better treatment and care for patients.

Mesothelioma is an asbestos related cancer which is incredibly aggressive and sadly does not have any cure. In light of the severity of this disease and because of its cause through industry, victims and their families regularly campaign to raise awareness and offer support to each other which culminates each year in the Action Mesothelioma Day.

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As an expert firm of Solicitors who help people and their families to claim compensation for asbestos related illnesses, we were invited to attend this year’s event at Liverpool Town Hall on Friday 6th July 2018.

The theme for Action Mesothelioma Day this year was to raise awareness about the dangers of asbestos.  Families damaged by asbestos diseases also took part in releasing doves to represent victims suffering the impact of asbestos.

As well as raising awareness, there was also an informative side to the day with presentations given by:-

  • Professor Sir Anthony Newman-Taylor, Director of Research and Development National heart and lung Institute, Imperial College
  • Mr Raymond Nye – The impact of being a carer to a Mesothelioma sufferer.
  • Marjorie Magee – secretary of Merseyside asbestos victims support group

Head of our Industrial Disease team Anna Burns said “We were thrilled to support Action Mesothelioma Day again this year and attend the event at Liverpool Town Hall. It is always a wonderful opportunity to meet with people affected by asbestos, campaigners, carers and medical experts in this field. Asbestos in industry has affected millions of people over the years until it was banned in the late 1980s. We are proud to support this day.”

If you or a family member has been affected by asbestos use through industry and perhaps are unsure of your options, please contact our industrial disease team at Poole Alcock on 01270 762325. Alternatively you can visit our personal injury services page here or complete the form linked here and we will call you back. We are happy to have a free chat with you about this and help answer any of your questions.


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