christmas contact 1024x1024 - Christmas Contact – Tis the season for contact struggles

Christmas Contact – Tis the season for contact struggles

Christmas  Contact Whenever couples separate, trying to resolve the arrangements for Christmas contact with...

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Christmas Contact – Tis the season for contact struggles

19th November 2018

News : Divorce & Family

Christmas  Contact

Whenever couples separate, trying to resolve the arrangements for Christmas contact with each parent can be difficult. Each parent often wanting different things and are unable to agree.

It is an unfortunate part of any relationship breakdown concerning children that special occasions and special days throughout the year suddenly have to be shared or split. The children are forced to adapt to doing things differently with the respective parents in their new homes, rather than having a family celebration altogether.

This situation can often be particularly difficult during the Festive season. Understandably, both parents want to enjoy the special time with the children. They will not want to be without them on days such as Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Solicitors and the Court are often asked to assist parents with how such occasions such as this should be handled. Arrangements vary from family to family, depending on what their Festive holidays involve.

What do I do if Christmas Contact arrangements change?

Quite often, people can find themselves in the unfortunate position of discovering quite late on that their request to see the children over the Festive period is not agreed by the other parent. This results in that parent essentially losing out on contact that year.  This is due to the fact that the Court process to determine such matters can often take several weeks. Often the parent simply does not have the time before Christmas Day arrives.

It is really important therefore that such arrangements are discussed and agreed in advance of this time of year. This is so that, in the unfortunate event of needing to seek legal assistance, there is time to resolve the matter and ensure that the children do not miss out on spending time with both parents during this special time of year.

If you require advice regarding Christmas contact, contact our specialist team of Family lawyers who will be happy to help. We have specialist family solicitors in each of our offices, who can offer you a free, no-obligation meeting to discuss your issues.  Make an appointment by completing this form. Alternatively, you can visit our Divorce and Family services page here.



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