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Headway Specialist Solicitor Recognition for Poole Alcock Solicitors

Suffering a head or brain injury can be life changing, not only for the...

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Headway Specialist Solicitor Recognition for Poole Alcock Solicitors

29th January 2019

News : Personal Injury

Suffering a head or brain injury can be life changing, not only for the individual concerned, but also their friends and family.  Depending upon the circumstances of such an injury, a claim for compensation may be considered.

In these circumstances, it is extremely important to seek advice from a specialist Solicitor with experience in handling head and brain injury cases.

We are extremely proud to announce that our Mrs Anna Burns, Partner and Head of the Personal Injury Team at Poole Alcock, has been accepted into the Headway Solicitors Directory for 2019.

Anna has told us “I am absolutely thrilled to have received this recognition from Headway as an expert in helping people who have suffered head or brain injuries. Claims of this nature can be complex and take time to resolve, therefore I get to know my Clients very well during this time. My work as a Solicitor is not just about recovering compensation, I genuinely care about the circumstances that my Clients are going through and feel like we are on this journey together.”

The Headway Directory provides a list of expert Solicitors whom individuals can have complete confidence in.  The quality and expertise of the individual Solicitor and their commitment to addressing the particular needs of a client have been checked by Headway to ensure that they are expert in this area of claims compensation.

Receiving a head or brain injury diagnosis can be an extremely frightening time and as such, individuals should feel reassured by the Solicitor whom they instruct.  Claims of this nature can often be complicated, which can seem daunting at first.  The Headway Directory enables individuals to feel a little more at ease with the claims process; safe in the knowledge that their Solicitor has dealt with similar claims previously and is therefore able to take any unnecessary pressure off the individual clients and are enable to focus on other matters such as rehabilitation for example.

Using an expert Solicitor also ensures that the individual receives fair and just compensation.

If you would like to have any further information on making a claim following a head or brain injury, please do not hesitate to contact Anna Burns on 01270 762325 or



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