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Dementia Friendly Solicitors

At Poole Alcock, we are aware that all our clients have different needs. We...

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Dementia Friendly Solicitors

4th April 2019

News : Wills & Probate

At Poole Alcock, we are aware that all our clients have different needs. We recently took part in some sessions run by Dementia Friends and we are proud to say that a large (and growing) number of our staff are now Dementia Friends.

What is a Dementia Friend?

1 in 14 people over 65 will be diagnosed with some form of Dementia, so we know that a large number of our clients either are, or will be, effected by this illness at some point. In our everyday lives, an increasing number of people around us will be living with Dementia.  The training, which explored the different ways dementia can impact on someone’s communication and understanding, gave us the tools to be more mindful about how our own actions can impact those living with Dementia. The session was incredibly positive, and gave our staff the tools to be able to help those living with Dementia, and those that care for them, in a sensitive and considerate way.

Why choose a Dementia Friendly solicitors?

Whatever area of law you need assistance in, if you are living with Dementia, having a professional on your side who is also a Dementia Friend is a huge advantage. You can rest assured that your best interests will be safeguarded, and that your legal matter will be taken care of. Any advice given will be communicated in a way most suitable to you – and without unnecessary jargon (as per our Committed to Excellence Pledge). We will take meetings at your pace, and are happy to provide regular updates over the phone, email or post to help keep you informed.

For those with loved ones living with Dementia, we are able to help you provide the best legal protection for them as well as for yourself. If they continue to have mental capacity then we can help with creating Lasting Powers of Attorney to ensure they appoint someone they know and trust to support them with property and financial decisions together with those for health and welfare.

If their illness has progressed to a point where they are unable to make informed decisions for themselves, we can guide you through the relevant processes to becoming their legal Deputy.

Providing our solicitors with Dementia Friends training aims to provide such clients with peace of mind that the person they are dealing with will be sympathetic and patient.

Dementia Friendly Towns

We are proud to be helping Nantwich on its mission to become a Dementia Friendly town, and for being a part of Alsager, which is a fully accredited Dementia Friendly town.

If you or someone you know is living with Dementia, and needs some legal assistance, trust Poole Alcock solicitors to help you with understanding and compassion. Call 01270 613939 today for more information or to speak to one of a Dementia Friends solicitor.



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