Probate lawyer 1024x1024 - Why use a probate solicitor when someone has died?

Why use a probate solicitor when someone has died?

When someone passes away you will need to instruct a probate solicitor. Managing the...

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Why use a probate solicitor when someone has died?

1st July 2019

News : Wills & Probate

When someone passes away you will need to instruct a probate solicitor. Managing the estate correctly is important as the consequences of errors can be costly.

Why should you use a probate solicitor?

For the same reason that you would instruct any skilled professional. Probate solicitors are fully qualified and understand the legal requirements of the situation. Furthermore, you also then have peace of mind that the job will be done correctly. Most of us do not have sufficient knowledge or appropriate contacts to help us in these areas. More importantly, most of us do not have the time.  We engage the knowledge and expertise of skilled probate solicitors. With our professional service which benefits you and the time constraints, that you might be under.

With the assistance of a probate solicitor, you won’t be spending thousands of pounds fixing errors. For example, an incorrect or late inheritance tax account can result in a fine. Any mistakes and the executor is personally liable for the damage done.

How can we help?

Poole Alcock’s end to end ‘Administration of Estates Services’ works in exactly the same way. It is understandably difficult when someone close to us passes away. In this difficult situation, you have the added burden of responsibility to deal with their affairs.  Poole Alcock has the knowledge and experience in this specialised area. As part of this, we are able to collate the assets and liabilities of the estate. We are experts in the field of inheritance tax and in the application for the grant of representation. Within our business, there are the correct IT systems with facilities to collect in the funds and make payments to beneficiaries.

As a firm we also have strong links with local estate agents and valuers to advise on personal belongings. We regularly work with investment advisers together with accountants and genealogists and indeed our own conveyancers so that we can bring it to altogether as one service.

We will coordinate and progress matters on your behalf. This ensures every aspect of the estate is concluded professionally and with compassion.

If you would like our assistance in the administration of an estate, please contact one of our probate solicitors 01270 625478.

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