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Obtaining rehabilitation treatment following an accident

What is Rehabilitation Treatment? We understand that following an accident your priority is to...

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Obtaining rehabilitation treatment following an accident

30th September 2019

News : Personal Injury

What is Rehabilitation Treatment?

We understand that following an accident your priority is to get yourself back to normal as soon as possible. Following an accident or personal injury you will often require rehabilitation treatment.

Types of Rehabilitation Treatments

Rehabilitation treatments often recommended are;

  • Physiotherapy
  • Counselling, CBT or EMDR ( add link to psyc treatment article)
  • Chiropractor treatment,
  • Hydrotherapy, acupuncture, massage and other holistic treatments.

Whilst rehabilitation treatment may be prescribed by your GP unfortunately the number of sessions can be limited and there is often a long waiting list. Alternatively you could arrange private rehabilitation.

The quicker the therapy can start the better your chances of recovery are. It is important to check when you are ready to commence rehabilitation treatment.

Accident Rehabilitation Claims

When speaking with you for the first time about your claim we will discuss your treatment requirements. This is  to arrange for the rehabilitation to commence as soon as possible. With a service like physiotherapy rehabilitation, this can be immediately after healthcare have acknowledged your claim.  In more complicated cases, we will liaise with your healthcare representatives to obtain funding for treatment at the earliest stage possible. Once approved, we would arrange an agreed therapy plan, using an independent rehabilitation provider.

It may also be that you have a private medical plan or are able to access certain types of treatment via your employer.  These can often be quick, cost effective ways of accessing early treatment. Often as part of your healthcare contract, there is an agreement that the costs incurred by the provider can be claimed from the faulty party. This is usually when the treatment is required as a result of another person’s negligence.  We will claim these costs back for you as part of your personal injury claim.  This is often referred to as an insurer/employer outlay claim.

Existing Rehabilitation Providers

We appreciate that you may also have your own preferred providers for rehabilitation treatment.  For example, competing athletes may prefer to use a specialist sports rehabilitation provider. When you have a long standing pre-existing condition you might already have ongoing rehabilitation therapy. In this instance we are happy to liaise with your trusted provider.

We will work with your chosen rehab provider to arrange treatment for you so that ideally you do not have to pay up front. Where this is not possible we ask that you keep copy receipts/invoices for any rehabilitation treatments provided. Following rehab treatment, we will seek an interim payment in respect of the costs incurred. This is claimed alongside your injury claim as special damages when the settlement is being negotiated.

If you have been injured or in an accident and would like to discuss your rehabilitation options, please call our friendly personal injury team; 01270 625478.


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