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Domestic Violence: Support Available at Christmas

Sadly, domestic violence can be particularly prevalent during the Christmas period.  UK police forces...

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Domestic Violence: Support Available at Christmas

30th December 2019

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Sadly, domestic violence can be particularly prevalent during the Christmas period.  UK police forces report that domestic violence incidents can go up by as much as a third on Christmas Day.  Many more incidents of domestic violence go unreported.  According to the charity Women’s Aid “a great deal of domestic violence is not reported and is likely to increase around holiday periods”.

Domestic violence does not always mean an act of physical aggression or violence.  In light of the relatively new criminal offence of coercive and controlling behaviour, it is recognised more and more that domestic violence can occur in many forms.  This can include:

  • Psychological and emotional abuse such as making you feel you are always wrong;
  • telling you that you are stupid or ugly;
  • controlling the type of clothing you wear;
  • isolating you from others by not allowing you to socialise with friends;
  • encouraging or demanding that you cut ties with your family;
  • preventing you from working or having any hobbies;
  • controlling the finances of the household;
  • not allowing you any financial independence;
  • making you feel that you are wholly reliant upon that person.

Victims of this type of behaviour may not even realise they are being controlled or coerced by their partner.  Their confidence is often destroyed and they may feel completely helpless.  Here at Poole Alcock we have specialist lawyers who work with local groups such as Cheshire Without Abuse (MyCWA) and New Era, which are local charities who provide accommodation, advice and practical help to men, women and children escaping domestic abuse.

We have expert lawyers who you can talk to, who will understand the obstacles you face and will be able to help you to overcome these.

  • In an emergency situation where you are at risk of harm we can help you to obtain a non-molestation order from the courts preventing that person from approaching or contacting you.
  • If you share a home and you have no where else to live, we can advise you in relation to an application for an occupation order, which can allow you to remain in the family home and exclude that person from the property.
  • If you are married and want to divorce we can advise you in relation to all aspects of the process, including arrangements for any children and any financial agreements.
  • If you have children with your ex-partner, we can help you to find a way forward to manage arrangements for the children in a safe way.

Although Legal Aid funding has been removed from most areas of family law.  If you have been subject to domestic violence we can work with you to obtain the appropriate evidence and use our expertise to make an application for funding on your behalf.

Call our Freephone number 01270 625478 (24/7, 7 days a week) and arrange to meet with an expert Family Law Solicitor for a confidential  free, no obligation, initial consultation at one of our offices and discuss your options.  Or use the Contact Us form on our website and we’ll call you back.

We have a Specialist Family Law Solicitor at each of our offices below:

Nantwich      |     Sandbach        |      Crewe         |      Congleton       |       Alsager       |      Wilmslow


For further help and information call:

My CWA- 24hr Helpline 01270 250390

24-hour National Domestic Violence Freephone Helpline 0808 2000 247

If you are a victim of Domestic Violence call 101 or in an emergency situation 999 for Police help.


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