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Increase in Fatal Accident Bereavement Award

As of 1st May 2020, there has been a change to the law relating...

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Increase in Fatal Accident Bereavement Award

5th May 2020

News : Personal Injury

As of 1st May 2020, there has been a change to the law relating to fatal accidents. The fixed bereavement award payable under the Fatal Accident Act 1976 has increased to £15,210.

This fixed amount had been £12,980 since 2013 and therefore it is a welcome amendment to the Act to see this level of compensation being increased.

The bereavement award is only available to certain eligible individuals making the claim, namely the wife, husband or civil partner of the deceased or the parents of a child who died under the age of 18.

Unfortunately, a former wife, husband or civil partner along with cohabitees cannot recover the bereavement award.

In 2019, the Government considered changing the Law relating to cohabitees, to allow individuals who had been cohabiting for a period of more than two years to be eligible for the bereavement award.  Unfortunately this consideration has not reached a conclusion and under current lock down circumstances, it is unlikely that any final decision will be made soon.  However, having said that, it is certainly extremely encouraging that the Government has considered this and hope that a decision will be made in the not too distant future.

Should you wish to discuss any issues relating to claims for compensation following an accident or illness, please contact the Personal Injury Team at Poole Alcock on 01270 625478 or complete our online form and we will call you at a convenient time.

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