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Can your Will be found on the Certainty National Will Register?

If you have gone to the trouble of making a Will, you want to...

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Can your Will be found on the Certainty National Will Register?

3rd August 2020

News : Wills & Probate

If you have gone to the trouble of making a Will, you want to be certain that it can be found when you pass away so your wishes can be carried out.

What is Certainty – the National Will Register? 

The National Will Register is operated by Certainty and enables a Will to be located after someone dies by their executors and beneficiaries. Certainty was set-up over a decade ago and now has 8 million Wills registered with them.

The ability to find a Will promptly after a death removes the anguish that people can face when searching through the personal belongings of their loved one. If they do find a Will, they will need to ensure that it is definitely the last Will written, and find where the original is stored. This can be very distressing and create unnecessary uncertainty at a difficult time.

Once a Will is registered with Certainty, the original can be quickly and easily located when it is needed. This will ensure that your estate is distributed in the way you intended and your wishes are carried out. A search will show the name of the person who made the will, when it was made and where it is stored. The register does not hold a copy of the Will or provide any details of the contents of the Will.

What are the benefits of registering your Will with Certainty?

  • Peace of mind for you and your loved ones that your Will can be located after your death. If you have written a Will and it cannot be found then your estate will be distributed under the rules of intestacy. These rules stipulate who is to benefit from the estate, therefore posing the risk that those who you may have intended to inherit could be left with nothing.
  • The confidential details of your Will are preserved. A certificate of registration will be issued by Certainty once a Will has been registered with them. This confirms that a Will exists and has been registered, but does not disclose your wishes or the contents of your Will.
  • With the passage of time your executors or beneficiaries may simply forget if a Will was ever written and where the original is held. This can cause added stress if your Will cannot be found when in an already emotional and upsetting situation. A quick search of the Register can provide all of the vital information and takes the pain out of this situation.


Here at Poole Alcock, as part of our standard Will writing package, we provide the registration of your Will with the National Will Register, for no additional cost. This can help your family and executors keep track of the whereabouts of your latest Will.

Whether you are thinking of making a Will soon, or have already done so, you can ask a member of the Private Client department at Poole Alcock about registering your Will with Certainty.

To discuss your requirements, contact the Wills and Probate team on 01270 625478. Alternatively you can visit our Wills and Probate services page here or complete the form here and we will call you back.



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