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Should I answer “no comment” in my police interview?

If you are to be interviewed by the police under caution, you have a...

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Should I answer “no comment” in my police interview?

19th February 2021

News : Criminal Defence

If you are to be interviewed by the police under caution, you have a number of options available to you.  You could answer all of the police officer’s questions; answer some of the officer’s questions; provide a written statement; or exercise your right to silence, or answer “no comment” to the officer’s questions.

Which is the right course of action? Well, there is no “one size fits all” answer.  This is because every case is different.  What may be appropriate for one person, might not be appropriate for another.

It is natural for most people to want to answer questions in their interview.  They may want to try and help the police by providing as much information as possible.  Some people may even consider it rude to not answer questions in a police interview.  Answering questions might not always be the best thing to do for that person however.

There may be many reasons why a person should answer “no comment” in their police interview:

There may be little or no evidence against the person, and by answering the questions put to them by the police, they are then providing the police with the evidence that they do not have!

Some people may even make matters worse for themselves by answering questions. In many cases it will be more appropriate for a person to answer “no comment” in a police interview.

At Poole Alcock we can offer you free and independent legal advice at the Police Station and can advise you on the best course of action to take in your police interview.  Any advice that we provide you with will be purely in your best interests, including whether it is appropriate to answer “no comment” in your police interview.

If you have been invited for an interview under caution at the police station then please contact us or get in touch on 01270 256665.

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