Cycling Accidents

Cycling Accidents – The Facts

With dramatic scenes from the Tour de France earlier this year of a pile-up...

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Cycling Accidents – The Facts

15th August 2021

News : Personal Injury

With dramatic scenes from the Tour de France earlier this year of a pile-up caused by a pedestrian and high profile cases in the press following collisions between cyclists and pedestrians, it is easy to believe that cyclist v pedestrian accidents are a frequent occurrence.  In fact, cyclist/pedestrian accidents involving serious injury are not common.

Cyclists themselves remain one of the most vulnerable road users.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA )in their cycling accidents factsheet 2017 have broken down the most common types of cycling accidents.

  • Around 75% of accidents happen at or near a road junction.
  • The most common vehicle involved is usually a car or taxi with the cyclist being hit by the front of the vehicle but a quarter of accidents involving serious injury involved a HGV, bus or close passing too close to the cyclist.
  • The most common types of accidents are caused by motorists emerging into the path of the cyclist or turning across the path of a cyclist.
  • 80% of accidents occur in daylight.
  • 75% of fatal or serious injuries occur in urban areas.
  • The most common types of injury in adults are;
    • head injury 40%
    • arm injury 40%
    • leg injury 25%
    • chest and abdomen injury 5%
    • 70% of urban and 80% of rural adult cyclist fatalities involve a head injury

Our Anna Burns, Partner and Head of the Personal Injury team here at Poole Alcock says:

‘These statistics do not make easy reading and are a reminder that cyclists are very much the vulnerable road user. Whilst cycling has really seen a huge increase in popularity over recent months which is fantastic, unfortunately, accidents do happen. Accidents can be minor however if the accident is more serious; the general public needs to be aware of what options they have in terms of claiming compensation to reflect their financial losses of a damaged bike, damaged cycling kit, unpaid time off work if their employer only pays SSP as well as an amount to reflect the pain and suffering that they have gone through.’

Poole Alcock LLP is here to help anyone who suffers an injury and financial loss as a result of an accident that isn’t their fault. Our team of Solicitors have a minimum of 15 years experience in helping people in this way and will use this experience to fight for the best possible outcome for you.

If you would like any more information about making a claim, please use our contact form and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

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