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Serena Mawson

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Poole Alcock Headshot 45 of 100 1024x819 - Serena Mawson

Serena Mawson

Job Title: Chartered Legal Executive - Criminal Litigation

Department: Criminal Defence

Location: Crewe - Nantwich Road

Call me on:01270 256665


Serena graduated from Nottingham Trent University in 2005, with honours, and subsequently qualified as a Chartered Legal Executive in 2012.  She joined the firm in 2006 and qualified as an accredited police station representative in 2007.

Serena manages Crown Court cases on a daily basis and has experience in dealing with clients accused of murder, manslaughter, serious assaults, rape and sexual assaults, and complex fraud cases.  In addition to this, she regularly deals with post conviction Proceeds of Crime Confiscation applications – under POCA 2002.

Serena is an experienced police station representative and has dealt with a wide range of cases for clients either under arrest or interviewed on a voluntary basis, including allegations of benefit fraud.

Serena also has specialist experience in dealing with clients who wish to make applications opposing the disclosure of information from third parties with regards to Disclosure and Barring Service checks, and has a high success rate for these applications.

Serena holds the Law Society Criminal Litigation Accreditation for Magistrates Court representation and as such is duty qualified. She represents clients for motoring offences including speeding, drink driving as well as exceptional hardship and special reasons arguments.

Serena will provide support to clients for:

  • Police station investigations – either voluntary or under arrest
  • DWP and Council Benefit fraud investigations
  • Crown Court proceedings – all serious cases which are dealt with in the Crown Court including murder, manslaughter, serious assaults, serious sexual offences, complex fraud, and robbery
  • Proceeds of Crime applications – Proceeds of Crime 2002


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