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What About Grandparent’s Rights?

Often we represent separated parents but just as often we are asked : What About Grandparent’s Rights?

A grandmother and grandfather came to see us for advice about their rights and spending time with their three grandchildren.  Their son was no longer in a relationship with the children’s mother and he did not spend time with the children himself, so as a result, they were not getting to spend any time with their grandchildren.

We approached the mother with a reasonable proposal for the children to spend time with their grandparents but this was not accepted.  The time that the mother did then offer to the grandparents to see the children, was accepted by them, but only as an interim agreement so that they could immediately begin to see their grandchildren again.  The time offered by the Mother however was certainly not an arrangement that the grandparents could accept for the long term, because this just didn’t provide either them, or the children, with any real quality time or routine.

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Applying to the Court

It was inevitable that the only way this could be achieved, was by way of an Application to the Court.  An Application was made and an agreement was reached within the Court proceedings that afforded the grandparents (and just as importantly, the grandchildren) the right to spend regular quality time together.

If they hadn’t approached us to ask their initial questions and request some advice, then they wouldn’t have realised that it is not just parents that have rights, they had rights too and the children had a right for their paternal side of the family to play an important role in their lives too.

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