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Covid-19 Frequently Asked Questions – Personal Injury

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Will my personal injury claim still proceed?

We will progress your claim in exactly the same way as we were doing before the lock-down. Thankfully our IT system at Poole Alcock has allowed us to move to home working with minimal impact. We have access to email, telephone, Facetime and Skype to communicate with our Clients and third parties. A lot of the PI process has been online for a number of years now, therefore we are able to continue working in a paperless fashion

Will the medical appointment for my personal injury claim still go ahead?

Medco have recently announced that they will lift the ban on remote appointments. Therefore, during these uncertain times, we can arrange a medical appointment for you via Skype for example. It is completely up to you and you certainly don’t have to do this if you don’t want to, however the only other option would be to delay your medical appointment until the lock-down is lifted. For cases not falling under Medco, we are asking the Defendant whether they will agree to a virtual medical appointment, in the hope that these appointments can continue during these unprecedented times. With non-Medco cases, we can of course send copies of your medical records to the expert to review.

Will my personal injury claim be delayed?

Potentially. At the moment the industry is working well together, with Defendants and Claimants trying to forge a path forwards to ensure that claims do not stall. However, we still face some logistical problems eg. In attending medical appointments and Defendants being able to access records to enable a full investigation of the claim to begin. I believe that the answer to this question very much depends upon where your claim is up to at the moment. If your claim has just started, it may be best to put things on hold for a short time if the Defendant is unable to investigate the claim in light of the lock-down. If you are awaiting a medical appointment, we can probably find another way forwards with arranging a virtual appointment for you. If you have already had your medical, in theory there really shouldn’t be any reason to delay.

How will I receive payment of compensation?

If your claim settles during the lock-down time frame, we will simply send your compensation to you by BACS.


For more information about how Covid-19 relates to your personal injury claim or to make a new enquiry call us now or contact us using our online form and we will help you through this difficult time.

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