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COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions – Criminal and Regulatory Defence

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Please see below for our frequently asked questions regarding criminal and regulatory defence.

I am self-isolating because I am in a high risk group/I am/family members are showing symptoms of Covid 19.  What do I do about my court appearance?

  • If you are in a high risk group then please contact us to advise us of this so that we can notify the court and apply for an adjournment.  The court will want to know as much information as possible about your situation.  If you are due in court and experiencing symptoms, then, if your case has not already been adjourned, you must contact us us so that we can apply for an adjournment on your behalf.  Again, the court will want to know as much as possible about the symptoms that you are experiencing.

Is my case going to go ahead in the next few weeks?

  • If you are on bail at the moment and you have a case pending before the court, then it is likely that your case will be adjourned, without the need for you to attend at court.  If you, or your family member are in custody, then it is likely that your case will go ahead, but that you will appear before the court via video link.  Each custody case is taken on a case by case basis.  If you are worried about a case that you have pending in the foreseeable future then please contact us at Poole Alcock, where we will be happy to help you.

If my case is adjourned, how long will it be adjourned for?

  • This is changing on a day by day basis.  Depending on the type of hearing that you are due before the court for, it could be between 6-12 weeks.  At the moment in Cheshire it is at least 4 weeks from the date of your hearing.

I have bail conditions.  Am I still subject to them if my case is adjourned?

  • If any of your conditions of bail interfere with your ability to comply with the Government’s orders to remain at home or go out only if essential then please contact us, and we will be happy to help you.

I am subject to a court order and have to complete hours of unpaid work and/or attend at Probation Services.  Do I still have to attend, or will I be breached?

  • It is our understanding at Poole Alcock that all requirements such as unpaid work and probation appointments are suspended until further notice.  You should have been contacted by the Probation Services to advise you of the situation and any requirements that you are subject to.

If I am arrested, will my solicitor still come to the police station to represent me? And will I be protected from any risk of Coronavirus?

  • We are still operating a 24 hour on call system, so if you are arrested then a representative shall still attend at the police station to represent you.  Yes, the police are under a duty to ensure that your welfare is protected.  You may see the police and police station representatives wearing protective clothing in order to protect everyone, and the police have assured us at Poole Alcock that social distancing advice will be adhered to, even in the police station.

I am due to attend for a voluntary interview at the police station.  Do I still need to go? And will a solicitor come and represent me?

  • If you have been asked to attend for a voluntary interview then please contact us at Poole Alcock and we shall contact the police in order to have this rearranged to a later date.  Once rearranged then a solicitor shall attend to represent you.

I am due to answer bail at the police station.  Do I still need to attend?

  • If you are due to answer your bail then please contact us.  It is likely that we at Poole Alcock will be able to get this date moved to a future date so that you can comply with the government orders to stay at home unless going out is essential.

I have a family member that is due in court.  Will I still be allowed to go and watch the proceedings?

  • Under the Government orders, you should stay at home.  The Courts are in the process of ensuring that the public can view criminal proceedings, but at present it is unclear as to how this will take place.  If you think that you have important information that will assist anyone appearing before the court then please contact us at Poole Alcock and we will be willing to help.

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