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Covid-19 Frequently Asked Questions – Wills

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At Poole Alcock we are committed to providing the best quality service, even through times of crisis. Whilst this is a time of uncertainty for all, our Wills and Probate team are dedicated to providing clients with continued excellent service and to provide reassurance that all that can be done in respect of their Wills, is being done.

Below we have compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions, in the hope that this can help provide peace of mind for those with Will related concerns.

I do not have a Will – should I make one now?

It’s never a bad time to make a Will. If you do not have one in place, and would like to arrange one, Poole Alcock are offering telephone or video appointments for any clients to take instructions. We can then liaise with you over email to get the details right before talking you through the signing process.

I have a Will, it was made a long time ago – can I amend it?

Of course! We encourage people to review their Wills every 3 to 5 years, or if their circumstances change. Whether you need a brand new Will, or a codicil to go alongside your existing Will, Poole Alcock’s expert Wills and Probate lawyers will be happy to advise. We are available for telephone or video appointments to discuss any changes you wish to make – whether or not we made your original Will.

Can I make (or amend) my Will at home?

It is always recommended that you seek legal advice before preparing a Will. It is a specialist area which, if not done correctly, can cause costly problems further down the line. You can easily instruct a specialist solicitor from Poole Alcock from the comfort of your own home – via a telephone meeting, or a video conference. We can go through the information needed to make a Will, and prepare the documents correctly, and send them to you all safely via email, as well as talking you through correctly signing your Will at home.

How do I sign my Will at home?

The rules about executing Wills have not changed for many years, although the government are currently in discussions as to overhauling these requirements, there isn’t yet the option to ‘e-sign’ Wills.

In the meantime, there are strict requirements for the number of witnesses, that must be complied with for the Will to be valid. We note this can be a bit of a challenge when practicing social distancing. But not impossible. For guidance as to how this might work best in your circumstances, make sure to ask your solicitor.

Alternatively, we will be available to assist with Will signings either in the office, or at your home, when the social distancing restrictions have been lifted.

How can I check my Will meets my wishes?

The best way to ensure that your Will appropriately affects your wishes is to instruct an expert solicitor to create it for you. Contact Poole Alcock to speak to one of our specialist lawyers who can talk through your requirements and put together an appropriate Will.

How can I check my Will is valid?

There are strict rules to comply with for a Will to be valid. If you have a solicitor from Poole Alcock assisting you, we will be able to talk you through these rules, and ensure that your Will is finalised correctly.

Can I make (or amend) a Will in hospital?

Yes – like making a Will from home, Poole Alcock solicitors can arrange to prepare your Wills, taking instructions over the phone or via email, and then providing you with clear, concise guidance of how to correctly sign your Will whilst in hospital.

If you would like to make a Will, or to review an existing one, please contact Poole Alcock for a telephone or video appointment with an expert solicitor today on on  0800 389 7093 or contact us via our online form and we will be happy to help.

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