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Corporate & Commercial Solicitors

Our commercial team has experience supporting and advising a wide variety of businesses.

Commercial Legal Services

Our commercial solicitors provide to the point, pragmatic advice which keeps the wheels of business turning. Whether you need a review or redraft of a key document or just some timely advice, we are on hand to help. Our corporate team can support your business from incorporation, through expansion and restructuring, to disposal.

Agency/Consultancy Agreements

Agents and consultants can offer a valuable and flexible source of expertise and experience. However, your business relationship with them needs to be effectively governed; a well-drafted agreement will seek to prevent an unintended employment relationship being created and to protect you and your business from falling foul of a variety of relevant legislation including tax and anti-competitive laws.

Confidentiality Agreements

Disclosing confidential business information to others may be unavoidable in order to achieve your commercial aims. Unauthorised disclosure can have disastrous consequences on the value of your business or invention as the case may be. If you intend to allow anyone access to your confidential information, we can advise you on how best to protect your interests, avoid the risk of unauthorised disclosure and what action to take if such disclosure does occur.

Licence Agreements

Granting licence based rights over your assets can be a potentially lucrative source of income for your business. However, it is important to ensure that you are sufficiently protected when granting such rights. A licence agreement drafted by us will ensure that you receive fair value for granting rights, do not give away more than you intended, and that you are protected if payment is not forthcoming or if unauthorised use is made of your assets

Supply & Distribution Agreements

A service level agreement is a contract with a supplier which formally defines and agrees on the level of service that will be provided. It reduces the risk of conflict which in turn can save your business money and protect your commercial relationships. We can help you to decide whether a service level agreement is appropriate, draft comprehensive agreements to suit your needs, or review your existing agreements to ensure they are tailored to your requirements.

Terms & Conditions

When supplying goods or services, your terms and conditions are paramount; they set out key information on payment, cancellation and limitation of liability. Terms and conditions drafted by a legal partner like Poole Alcock are like a comprehensive insurance policy – if the worst happens you have the comfort of knowing you’re protected.

Website Policies

A comprehensive and customer-friendly website is now an essential feature of many businesses. However, you may be unsure of the legal requirements that must be complied with, even if your website is provided free of charge and is not used to sell goods and/or services directly.
To ensure you’re adequately protected online, we can help draft or review a range of documents including Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy and Acceptable Use Policy.

Corporate Legal Services

The structure of your business is vital to its ability to grow. You may wish to grow through recruitment of investors, or by acquiring other businesses. Alternatively, you may reach a stage where you wish to start making succession plans for the business, by transferring shares to the future leaders of the business. The Poole Alcock corporate & commercial team will discuss all of the available options with you and assist in putting the best option into action.

Articles of Association

A company’s articles of association are the key constitutional document setting out the basic administrative structure of a company. They regulate matters such as the issue and transfer of shares, board and shareholder meetings, powers and duties of directors, dividends and borrowing powers. If your company’s articles are in need of a redraft or you would like guidance on how to ensure constitutional procedures are followed, please do not hesitate to contact the corporate and commercial team.

Company Incorporation

Forming a company can be a positive and exciting step for many business owners. However, it is important to ensure from the outset that the documents governing your company’s operations suit your business needs. We would be delighted to assist should you need help forming a new company, including the provision of bespoke articles of association or advice about the legal requirements to be fulfilled post-incorporation.

Company Purchase

Acquisition of another company is an effective way to grow your business, but you need to know exactly what you are buying before committing to the purchase. Poole Alcock’s solicitors will guide you through the negotiating process to ensure that you get the best deal. Our employment law team will advise you on the implications of taking on existing staff, while our expert property lawyers will help you to negotiate favourable terms on the acquisition of commercial property.

Company Sale

Negotiating the best price in a company or business share sale is all about the detail and preparing well in advance. It is never too early to speak to our corporate and company lawyers about how to prepare your business for sale. This can include getting your commercial and employment contracts up-to-date, restructuring share ownership or the commercial property portfolio and looking ahead for the tax planning implications after the sale has been completed.

Directors’ Personal Guarantees

A guarantee is a legal commitment to repay a debt where the original borrower has defaulted on their repayments. A director’s guarantee may be required where a lender is providing funds to a limited company. The guarantee entitles the lender to pursue the director in a personal capacity if the company defaults on the repayments. When a subsidiary company borrows, the lender is likely to seek a guarantee from the parent company. This is often referred to as a “cross company guarantee”.

Whichever form of guarantee you require, our lawyers can assist.

Finance Agreements

Whether you are lending to or borrowing from a third party, it is always prudent to record the terms of the loan clearly. A written finance agreement should include provisions relating to repayment, interest and security. Our expert lawyers will assist with all aspects of negotiating, preparing and advising upon your finance agreement.

Shareholder Agreements

A company’s articles of association are the key constitutional document setting out the basic administrative structure of a company. However, the articles of association are public documents available for all to see. There may be certain aspects of the company’s internal management that you wish to remain private. Shareholders’ agreements are a very useful tool for setting out the more practical aspects of a company’s internal arrangements, and are something the Poole Alcock team can help with.

Business Assist from Poole Alcock

Business Assist is a subscription based service which entitles you to corporate and commercial legal advice and support for a monthly fixed fee. With our Business Assist package, you can be sure that your legal needs will be taken care of for a fixed price. You have the reassurance of knowing that commercial legal help is only a telephone call away. We develop a relationship with you and get to know your specific business requirements.
In addition, by using our subscription services you will be saving between 20% and 30% on our usual hourly rates.

Business Assist Packages
We have a choice of packages tailored to suit your business needs:
Business Assist Two hours: £400 per month
Business Assist Premium Four hours: £700 per month

What does the package include?

For your monthly subscription, you will be entitled to any commercial legal services that can be completed within the hours purchased. This may include the following:

  • Advice by telephone, email or in person
  • Review or redraft of contractual documentation e.g. terms and conditions of supply
  • Review of corporate documentation e.g. shareholders’ agreements, partnership agreements
  • Review of commercial leases
  • Initial advice on commercial litigation including letter before action

For an introduction to Business Assist or if you need advice on any business or professional matters, contact the Poole Alcock Corporate & Commercial team for advice.

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Truly excellent service! Jamie and his team provided me with expert advice and guidance, as well as a professional and compassionate manner when I needed it the most. Would highly recommend Poole Alcock.

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