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Shareholders’ Agreements

We can advise you on how your company might benefit from a shareholders' agreement.

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Shareholders’ Agreements

A company’s articles of association are of paramount importance; they are the key constitutional document setting out the basic management and administrative structure of a company.  However, the articles of association are a public document available for all to see. There may be certain aspects of the company’s internal management that you wish to remain private.

Shareholders’ agreements are a very useful tool for setting out the more practical aspects of a company’s internal arrangements including:

  • Transfer of shares upon death or divorce;
  • Resolution of shareholders’ disputes;
  • Protection of minority shareholders;
  • Exit of existing shareholders; and
  • Initial funding and subsequent financing of the company.
If you need advice on how your company might benefit from a shareholders’ agreement, or if you feel that your current agreement needs updating please do not hesitate to contact the corporate and commercial team.

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