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Funding your Defence

We are transparent about your legal costs from the outset, so you can concentrate on building the best defence.

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Funding your Defence

We are transparent about your legal costs from the outset, so you can concentrate on building the best defence.
Being investigated or arrested by the police or facing Magistrates or Crown Court Proceedings for Criminal or Regulatory Offences is a difficult time and the last thing you need to worry about is how you are going to pay for legal advice.

Legal Aid

If you have been charged with a crime or summonsed to court by way of a postal requisition, legal aid could pay for some or all of your costs of being represented both in the Magistrates and the Crown Court. At Poole Alcock, our highly experienced criminal defence solicitors will advise you from the outset about whether you may be eligible to apply for legal aid funding.

Legal aid funding is available for representation in both the Magistrates Court and the Crown Court on most, but not all, criminal charges. It is rarely available if you are facing a motoring conviction or being prosecuted by a public body.

If you are eligible for legal aid, the means test will determine whether you will have to make a contribution towards your defence costs if your case ends up in the Crown Court. Our solicitors will help you to fill in the correct application forms (CRM14 and CRM 15) and submit them to court within the correct timescale.

If your application for legal aid is unsuccessful we will discuss alternative options for funding your criminal defence including a fixed fee service or a set hourly rate.

Our Fees
  • Fixed fee service
    Under a fixed fee service we will agree to assist with a specific part of your case, for example an appointment in our office or representation at a Court hearing. If you require further assistance, then another fixed fee could be arranged or we can discuss progressing your case by way of a set hourly rate – whichever best suits you and the circumstances of your case. We offer fixed fee advice and representation from just £500 plus VAT.
  • Set hourly rate
    We will advise you from the outset on the charging rate that will be applied to your case and give you a regular cost update. We promise to keep you fully informed at all times – as guidance, our hourly charge out rates vary depending on the seniority of the Lawyer assisting you, but they range from approximately £150 to £250 per hour.
Contact one of our specialist solicitors today for more information or simply fill out our enquiry form below and we will get back to you shortly.

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