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We have specialist family solicitors who are able to advise you about Civil Partnership breakdown in each of our five offices across Cheshire.

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Civil Partnership Dissolution

You can apply to end or dissolve your civil partnership if you have been in the partnership for at least one year. It is very similar to divorce, in that you will need to make an application to the court, along with a court fee of £593, and show the reasons why you want to dissolve it. Providing your partner agrees, you will receive a conditional order, you can then, 6 weeks later, apply to the courts for a final order which legally ends the civil partnership.

As with divorce, you must show that the partnership has irretrievably broken down and that one of the following four grounds apply:

  • Unreasonable behaviour- such as physical or mental cruelty, verbal or physical abuse, being sexually unfaithful
  • Desertion- meaning your partner has left you without agreement or good reason for more than 2 years in the last 2.5 years
  • You have lived apart for more than 2 years, providing you both agree to the end of the civil partnership
  • You have lived apart for more than 5 years, this is usually enough to end the partnership, even if one partner disagrees.

If you are considering dissolving a civil partnership or your partner has commenced proceedings to end your civil partnership, contact our offices for an initial free consultation. We can also help you to resolve any financial matters arising from your separation.

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