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Settlement Agreement Solicitors

You are required to have your settlement agreement checked by a solicitor. This is completely free, as your employer pays the legal fees. We’re offering a contact-free legal service, and can check/process settlement agreements within 24 hours without the need to meet face-to-face.
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Have you been offered a settlement agreement by your employer?

Has your employer discussed ending your employment through redundancy or with a settlement agreement or compromise agreement?

Poole Alcock has expert employment solicitors who can help you with your settlement agreement. Our Employment solicitors specialise in reviewing, preparing and advising on settlement agreements. With a wealth of expertise in dealing with settlement agreements, they can provide you with quality, easy to understand advice.

We will advise you on your settlement/compromise agreements, ensuring you understand your rights. We will also negotiate with your employer if we think you are entitled to more. From beginning to end, your compromise agreement will be dealt with by a knowledgeable and supportive solicitor. We appreciate the importance of getting your compromise agreement right. Our solicitors understand the complexities of dealing with compromise or settlement agreements and will provide you with fair advice.

Your redundancy agreement will be considered thoroughly. The advice our solicitors will provide you will be reasoned and sensitive to your needs. See here for further FAQs on Settlement Agreements.

  • Same Day Service Available

    You will get a speedy response – most settlement agreements that we deal with can be turned around within 48 hours. We also offer a same day service, if required.

  • It's Free. Your Employer Pays - Not You

    Your employer will cover the legal fees associated with settlement agreements/compromise agreements, leaving no cost to you.

  • Our Employment Solicitors Are Highly Experienced

    Our team of specialist employment solicitors have a wealth of knowledge and experience in dealing with settlement agreements. We can advise you through this difficult time, making sure you get what you are entitled to.

    We believe our clients should receive the highest possible standard of customer care and quality of legal advice each time they use our services.

  • Remote Service Across England And Wales

    For your safety, we’re offering an online, contact-free legal service during the current health crisis – settlement agreements can be discussed over the phone, by e-mail and on a video/Zoom call with our employment law solicitors. We have clients throughout the country and can arrange a quick turnaround no matter where you are based.

    To discuss your settlement agreement, please call 01270 613939 or contact us online.

Check/Process My Settlement Agreement

Don’t forget, your employer usually covers all legal costs when it comes to settlement agreements, meaning there is no cost for you.

If you would like to check if your offer is fair based on your salary and years of service or if you would like to complete the required legal checks that will allow you to access your redundancy money from your employer, please call us on 01270 613939 or complete the form below.

Settlement Agreements FAQs

What is a Settlement Agreement?


Settlement Agreement is, once signed, a legally binding agreement between an employer and an employee to settle any claims that an employee may have against an employer in return for the employee receiving a payment.

It is commonly used where the employment relationship is about to end but could also be used to settle an existing dispute where the employment relationship is ongoing.

What situations can a Settlement Agreement be used?


Settlement Agreements are often proposed as a ‘genuine attempt to settle an existing dispute’. The alternative would usually involve a long drawn out process that neither party wishes to follow through with.

For example, where the employee is not performing well and neither party wishes to go through a long capability process – a settlement agreement could be proposed as an alternative to this.

Another common scenario where Settlement Agreements are used is in a redundancy situation to record the terms of a voluntary redundancy which avoids the need for a potentially lengthy and stressful redundancy process.

How much money will a Settlement Agreement provide for?


Payments could include contractual entitlements such as salary, notice pay, and payment for any accrued but untaken annual leave. It may also provide payments for bonuses and commissions depending on the circumstances. It is likely to also include any statutory entitlements i.e. statutory redundancy payment in a redundancy situation.

A Settlement Agreement may also provide for an ex gratia payment as compensation for an employee’s loss of office. This is usually the incentive for an employee to sign the agreement but the actual payments will be very much dependant on the circumstances of each particular case. There are a number of factors to consider, such as;

  • The length of continuous employment, the employee’s salary, and contractual entitlements;
  • The value and costs associated with any potential claims;
  • The circumstances around why the Settlement Agreement is being offered; and
  • How long it is likely to take to settle the ‘dispute’.

Where an employer has taken steps to fairly dismiss an employee, an employee may be happy to leave with their notice pay and an agreed factual reference. For employees whose employer has breached their employment rights, the figures could be much higher. Use our settlement agreement calculator to find out if the payment you’ve been offered is fair.

What are the benefits of signing a Settlement Agreement?


Settlement Agreements allow for a clean break and can be a speedy, less stressful way of concluding the employment relationship or resolving an existing dispute and avoids the time, costs, and stress associated with employment litigation. This gives an employer certainty and reduces anxiety around an employee potentially bringing a claim against it.

For both employers and employees, the terms can be mutually agreed which means that a Settlement Agreement may provide for an agreed reference and permit an employee to make an announcement to colleagues in relation to their departure.

A tax-free payment of up to £30,000 can be paid to an employee as compensation under the terms of a Settlement Agreement

As Settlement Agreements are only valid once you have taken independent legal advice on its terms, employers usually provide a legal fee contribution. Depending on what the employer is contributing there could be very little (if anything) for you to pay. This also provides an opportunity for the employee’s solicitor to check through the agreement to make sure that the settlement package amounts to a fair deal.

Are there any disadvantages to a Settlement Agreement?


Of course; depending on how the process is managed, this could easily jeopardise the ongoing relationship if a Settlement is not reached. Likewise, this may impact morale if it’s being used as a substitute for good management practice.

For employers, as Settlement Agreements usually provide an enhanced payment to incentivise an employee to sign it, they can be quite costly.

Settlement agreements are a common area in which I am instructed to advise and negotiate – this could be in relation to the termination payment itself, but could also be in connection to other clauses of the agreement i.e. the employer providing an agreed reference or negotiating the impact of any post-termination restrictions that might apply.


First Class
This company were first class kept informed of progress at all times very polite and pain free service , honest about costs from start would use them again 100%.


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I recently engaged Poole Alcock to check a contract for me. I found the process very clear and straight forward. Eve was very thorough and professional, explaining all of the legal aspects in detail. I would certainly recommend you to others.

Employment Client

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I employed Poole Alcock’s services when I was made redundant and needed help with my settlement agreement. In addition to being sensitive to my predicament, they were thorough going through each clause and its implications. They were prompt in responding to all my mails, and in concluding the matter with my former employed. I cannot recommend highly enough.


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Excellent advice, friendly, yet professional approach to my legal matter – I highly recommend Jamie and his team.


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Since my case completed, I never had the chance to thank you for everything you did for me.

You honestly have no idea how much it meant at really one of the most difficult times in my life, and certainly in my career.

From the moment I came in to see you, I felt a weight had been lifted and your experience, professionalism and knowledge guided and assisted me to achieving a good outcome.

I truly can’t thank you and the team enough for your support and guidance throughout the process I have been through.


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You have been fantastic and completely on the ball with everything

F. Warwick

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