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Representation at Employment Tribunals

Whilst it is better to try to resolve a dispute directly with an employee, there will be times when it simply is not possible.

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Employment Tribunals

Whilst it is better to try to resolve a dispute directly with an employee, there will be times when it simply is not possible. In those cases, you may be called before an employment tribunal. This can take a significant toll on your business with lost time, lower productivity, decreased morale, damage to your reputation, and financial costs. With Poole Alcock on your side you do not have to face it alone.

Our specialist employment solicitors will guide you through the process, outlining the choices available and recommending the best route for your case. If you do need to go a tribunal, we will guide you through the work of the tribunal panel, ensure you are fully prepared and help you achieve the best outcome for your business from the panel’s legally binding decision.

How long does an Employment Tribunal case take?

Typically employment tribunal cases will last between 6-12 months. Sometimes cases can last significantly longer though, especially if there are complexities to the case, or if there are several witnesses or a large amount of evidence to be considered. We will always keep you updated with likely timescales based on the particular circumstances of your case.

At Poole Alcock we have all the experience you need to provide clear, informed advice. We can prepare for a tribunal, leaving you free to maintain your commercial focus and ensure you are fairly represented.


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Fees for Representation

STAGE 1:- Initial Advice

In order to assess the claim made against you it is important to have an initial face to face meeting.

It is useful to have all of the relevant documents ready for this meeting.

During this meeting the Employee’s case will be considered.

£750.00 plus £150 VAT

STAGE 2:- Responding to an Employment Tribunal Claim

The “ET3” is the document which sets out the details of your defence.  It is important that the claims are properly defended and all relevant detail included.

It is preferential to have a meeting and work on this document face to face.  However arrangements can also be made to deal with this on the phone or via email.

£1000.00 plus £200 VAT

STAGE 3:- Employment Tribunal Preliminary Hearings

The purpose of Preliminary Hearings is for the Tribunal to decide upon a timetable for the various activities leading up to a Trial.

Preparation for Preliminary Hearing.

This would involve preparing an Agenda for the hearing which itemises the issues to be considered and what evidence will be relied upon.

£500.00 plus £100 VAT

Barrister’s  Attendance fees

Telephone Hearing: £350 plus £70 VAT

In person: £500.00 plus £100 VAT

In some cases the Tribunal may agree for the hearing to be dealt with over the phone in order to save time and costs.  However, this is a decision for the Tribunal and in many cases the Tribunal judge prefers the parties to attend in person.

Additional Case Management Hearings

Usually there will be no need for additional hearings before the Trial, however, this can happen if there are applications made by either side.  Fees would be quoted at the time.

STAGE 4:-  Employment Tribunal Directions

“Directions” are a list of activities which parties in an Employment Tribunal must carry out before a Trial.  A failure to complete the activity by the set date may result in the claim being dismissed.  The Tribunal can set directions on their own initiative or following a preliminary hearing which is mentioned below.  These are the most common Directions:-

List of Documents

The Tribunal will order that both sides (Employee and Employer) to provide a list of all documents in their possession which are relevant to the case.  We would need to meet and go through all of the documentary evidence and submit a list to the Tribunal and the Employer.

£750.00 plus £150 VAT

Witness Statements

Witness Statements are a very important part of Tribunal proceedings.

It is preferable to meet in person to compile the statement but alternative arrangements can be made.

>£750.00 plus £150 VAT

(per statement)

Response to Schedule of Loss

In this document we would respond to the financial claims made by the Employee.

£750.00 plus £150 VAT

List of Issues

Employment Tribunals often order that the parties must prepare a list of the issues to be decided at Tribunal.  This is designed to streamline the issues that are being considered in order to save Tribunal time.  It is important that this document refers to the correct legal issues.

£750.00 plus £150 VAT

Preparation of Trial Bundle

“The Trial Bundle” is the folder of documents which are required for the Trial.  There must be sufficient copies for all parties, including the Tribunal panel and the documents must be organised in a specific way.

It is more common for the Employer to be asked to prepare the “Trial Bundle”.

£750.00 plus £150 VAT

STAGE 5:-  Employment Tribunal Final Hearing “Trial”

The length of the Trial will depend upon the number of witnesses, amount of documentation and the complexity of the issues.

Preparation for Trial

It is very important that everything is properly organised and prepared in advance of the Trial.  This involves reviewing the information and instructing a Barrister to represent you.

Sometimes a Barrister may decide that they require a meeting with you before the Trial to discuss any issues and review the evidence.

£1,500 plus £300 VAT

Counsel’s fees per day

Hearings listed for a full day: £2,000 plus £250 VAT

Hearings listed for 2 days: £3,000 plus £600 VAT

Hearings listed for 3 days: £3,500 plus £700 VAT

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