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HR Assist

Complete employment law support for your business

Could your business be at risk of an employment claim?

Failure to comply with employment legislation can be devastating for a business. Compensation awards for unfair dismissal claims can be in excess of £75,000 and awards for discrimination are unlimited. Certain tribunal cases, such as equal pay, bullying or harassment, and claims of discrimination quite often make headline news, leading to reputational damage, and of course, a lot of negative publicity through social media channels.

Poole Alcock can help to protect you from these potential risks with our fixed fee HR Assist and Employment Law support solution for businesses.

Why use our HR Assist Service?                                                                                                                                           

The main reasons why our HR Assist clients engage our services is because our solution saves them time, hassle, worry, and greatly reduces the risk of employment related issues and claims. However, there are a lot of other benefits that are perhaps not so obvious, and so we have outlined what services are offered in respect of each package and the key benefits of using our HR services in our brochure below.

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