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With Poole Alcock, you can rely upon experienced solicitors who have been through this process before, and who treat every new case as unique.

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Being involved in a dispute that affects you personally can be tough. For the very reason that it has an impact on your home life, your immediate environment, or people with whom you have previously had a good relationship. You need litigation solicitors you can trust, who will act quickly and understand the impact and costs of litigation both financially and emotionally.

Disputes can be stressful and sometimes costly. Our expert solicitors understand this and will support you with advice, outlining your options at the very first meeting and help you to balance the risks against the potential rewards. We will answer the questions most clients are anxious to have answered.

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How Can We Help?

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Contract Disputes

When a dispute arises, this can potentially harm your reputation and have a devastating impact on your business.

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Debt Recovery

Our debt recovery solicitors understand the importance of effective debt management and the impact this can have.

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Professional Negligence

Your business may have a claim against someone operating in a professional capacity if you have suffered a loss or damage as a result of their actions.

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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Nobody understands the importance of time and money like businesses do, that’s why the last thing you want is to be involved in a lengthy and expensive court case.

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Food & Environmental Health

If you are facing investigation by the Food Standards Agency, then it is essential that you receive specialist legal advice, before responding to the Food Standards Agency.

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Fire Safety Law

In certain circumstances the FRS will prosecute individuals or companies for breaches of the Legislation.

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Possession Claims Solicitors

Possession Claims

The litigation team at Poole Alcock will advise you on the best route to take, depending on your tenancy agreement.

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Will & Probate Disputes

If you are concerned about the provisions made in a will or the way an estate has been administered we can help you to challenge the decisions and help to resolve any difficult issues.

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Contract Claims

When another person or organisation has broken the contract between you to provide goods or services in return for payment, you may have grounds for compensation or redress.

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Legal Defence Funding

Inheritance Claims

Poole Alcock solicitors are experienced in challenging Wills and can help you to make a claim for maintenance under the Inheritance Act.

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Evicting a Tenant

At Poole Alcock we can ensure you avoid the legal pitfalls and achieve an eviction as quickly as possible.

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Conveyancing Solicitors

Landlord and Tenant Disputes

Our expert solicitors are here to support you with advice, outlining your options at the very first stages to ensure all possible objectives are reached.

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Litigation Solicitors

Debt Recovery Solicitors

Our specialist Litigation team are on hand to help you with any queries you may have.

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Employment Solicitors

Professional Claims

Here at Poole Alcock, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience with Professional Negligence claims.

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Property Dispute Solicitors

At Poole Alcock we understand that you want to resolve any dispute cost-effectively and maintain good relations where possible.

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Why Choose Us?

  • We specialise in all areas of law. We offer a modern service with traditional values, giving you the complete legal service whenever you need us.

  • We have over 125 years experience, providing legal services for both businesses and private individuals.

  • We are Committed to Excellence.

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On behalf of myself and family, we would like to thank you, and everyone concerned, for the successful conclusion of our claim. It was a long road that seemed to have no end, but you never gave up, so to you Andrew and more



Sarah-Jane’s tenacity and commercial approach to bringing a swift resolution to a matter is a breath of fresh air



I would just like to say thank you for the support that you have provided during the difficult process that [we’ve] been through. You have provided excellent support and your professional advice has been exemplary and always timely.

David Johnson – Litigation Client


I am honoured to recommend Sarah-Jane who was representing one of the parties in a mediation in which I was the mediator. She is an excellent litigator who pays attention to detail. Aside from her professionalism which I think is superb, I am particularly more

Paul Rose, Mediator


A huge thank you for the manner and professionalism as the case was brought to a close. Very easy to deal with and nothing was too much to ask for in guiding us through to an outcome we were happy with. Both Sarah-Jane and Holly kept us up to speed more

A D – Litigation Client

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Please submit your information and a member of the Poole Alcock team will respond to you as soon as possible. If you have a quick question, please feel free to call 0800 389 7093.

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