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Cash flow is an extremely important part of any business – ensuring you have enough money in the bank to pay your staff and bills as they fall due. So when money is owed, it can make matters extremely stressful for you. 

Our debt recovery solicitors understand the importance of effective debt management and the impact this can have. That’s why our service is tailored to your individual needs and objectives, whether bringing a debt recovery claim or defending your business against one.

A business owed debt has a number of options to take against a creditor which, depending on the creditor, can range from:

  • Sending a letter before action
  • Taking a debtor to court
  • Applying for a statutory demand
  • Applying for bankruptcy
  • Applying for a winding up petition 

Our Fees

We are more than happy to discuss fixed fee retainers appropriate to your requirements.

What will you do for me?

Our debt recovery solicitors will:

  • Help you decide which course of action to take
  • Provide an indication of costs at the earliest opportunity 
  • Draft CPR compliant Letter Before Action
  • Advise at each and every stage of the process 
  • Issue or defend court claims, bankruptcy and winding up petitions

You can rest assured that we tell you from the beginning whether we think it’s worth pursuing or defending the debt. We look at the circumstances of all parties to come to this conclusion. What may be worth pursuing with one party, may not be with another, as every situation is different. Guaranteed, we act with only your best interests in mind. 

It’s a small world for businesses, so we understand the need to look after relationships already forged and therefore take a firm but diplomatic approach. As our client, we are guided by you. Sometimes a well-drafted professionally printed letter from us is all you need to bring matters to a satisfactory conclusion.

We take pride in what we do. Give us a call on 01270 762325 to discuss your needs in more detail. Alternatively, you can contact us here

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