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Businesses enter into contracts with other businesses and consumers all the time. 

When a dispute arises, this can potentially harm your reputation and have a devastating impact on your business. That’s why it’s important to have someone on your side who knows how to manage contract disputes so as to preserve the future of your business and the relationships you have.

What is a contract dispute?

A contract dispute happens when parties to a contract disagree about its terms and conditions. 

Contract disputes can arise for a number of different reasons, which may include:

  • Battle of the forms: whose terms and conditions apply to a transaction – your business or theirs?
  • Fraud
  • Goods and/or services provided are of unsatisfactory quality
  • Disputes with business associates
  • Disagreements over the meaning of technical terms

You shouldn’t underestimate the time and expense that a contract dispute can potentially have, nor should you ignore it. Having advice at the earliest stage of a dispute will increase the likelihood of a good result for all parties.

Why choose Poole Alcock for your contract dispute 

  • Accredited with Lexcel, the Law Society’s Standard for excellence in practice management and delivering quality client service 
  • Experienced individuals 
  • Provide commercially sound, clear expert advice and assistance whether bringing or defending a claim
  • Advise from the outset the merits of your case, your options and a realistic indication of costs
  • Work tirelessly towards getting you the best outcome, with minimal impact to your business

It’s extremely important that you know the legal and commercial strengths and weaknesses of your case to enable you to make well-informed decisions. Our contract dispute solicitors operate a transparent approach, meaning you will know exactly what you are dealing with. 

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