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When another person or organisation has broken the contract between you to provide the goods or services in return for payment, you may have grounds for compensation or redress.

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Our specialist Litigation team are on hand to help you with any queries you may have.

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Our expert solicitors are here to support you with advice, outlining your options at the very first stages to ensure all possible objectives are reached.

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The Litigation team at Poole Alcock will advise you on the best route to take, depending on your tenancy agreement.

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At Poole Alcock we understand that you want to resolve any dispute cost-effectively and maintain good relations where possible.

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A company’s articles of association are of paramount importance; they are the key constitutional document setting out the basic management and administrative structure of a company.

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Forming a company can be a positive and exciting step for many business owners. However, it is important to ensure from the outset that the documents governing your company’s operations suit your business needs.

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Acquisition of another company is an effective way to grow your business. Ensuring a successful transaction is all about the detail. You need to know exactly what you are buying.

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When the time comes to sell your company, or shares in your business, you will wish to maximise the return on your investment of money, hard work, time and emotion.

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A guarantee is a legal commitment to repay a debt where the original borrower has defaulted on their repayments. In essence, the person providing the guarantee will “step into the shoes” of the debtor.

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Whether you are lending to or borrowing from a third party, it is always prudent to record the terms of the loan clearly.

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A company’s articles of association are of paramount importance; they are the key constitutional document setting out the basic management and administrative structure of a company.

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If you are in dispute about which school your child should attend or think that it will be in the child’s best interests to change schools it will be necessary to apply for a Specific Issue Order through the courts.

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If your child is aged under 16, it is possible to change their name by deed poll providing that all of the parties with Parental Responsibility are in agreement. However, the child’s birth certificate will not normally be changed as this is a historical record from when the child was born.

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When a child is removed from one of the parents without the other parent’s permission or a child is not returned at a pre-arranged time, it is important to act quickly to reinstate the child’s normal or pre-agreed routine.

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Whenever possible separating parties should speak to one another and make arrangements for the care of the children which are in the children’s best interests and can be worked around by both parents.

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Most of the legal rights given to parents are by way of Parental Responsibility (PR). PR means ‘all the rights, duties, powers, responsibilities and authority that a parent of a child has in relation to the child and his property by law’.

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You can apply to end or dissolve your civil partnership if you have been in the partnership for at least one year. It is very similar to divorce, in that you will need to make an application to the court.

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When parties separate they may be able to reach an amicable agreement about the finances of the household and how these should be divided going forward. However, for most this can be the most difficult area to resolve.

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We can provide you with the peace of mind of conducting your divorce on a fixed fee basis. We will be able to provide you with the figure at the outset, allowing you to budget and plan your finances in advance.

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We are proud to be chosen by Cheshire Police Federation as their nominated divorce lawyers to provide specialist divorce and family advice to its members.

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A pre-nuptial/pre-civil agreement is a legal agreement made between two individuals before their marriage has taken place. It usually sets out how the couple wish their assets to be divided between them.

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A separation agreement is a written agreement used when a couple want to stop living together. The agreement can be used to decide a variety of topics including, who will pay the mortgage.

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Under the Equality Act 2010 harassment is defined as unwanted conduct which is related to either; age, disability, gender reassignment, race, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation and is therefore unlawful.

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Unfair dismissal is a complex area of employment law and one where you need a legal expert to safeguard your financial interests as well as your professional future.

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It can be hard to realise that you may have been a victim of workplace discrimination. Discrimination is based upon what are called Protected Characteristics.

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Under the Equality Act there are 9 specific areas which are called protected characteristics; any discrimination against workers because of these characteristics would be unlawful.

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It is important that businesses handle the termination of a director’s contract appropriately, especially if you need to achieve a swift exit without disrupting the operation of the business.

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Employers should enter into a period of consultation with their employees, giving them information on why the redundancies are necessary and if there are any alternatives available.

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Has your employer discussed ending your employment through redundancy or with a settlement agreement/compromise agreement?

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There will be times when an employee’s conduct or performance falls short of what is expected of them in their contract of employment, or they believe that they have been treated unfairly at work.

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The TUPE Regulations are in place to preserve employees’ rights when a business is transferred to a new employer. The Regulations can apply to organisations of all sizes when a business is sold.

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From the recruitment process, through to issues such as TUPE, training from expert employment solicitors can help you to use the law as a positive framework to implement the best employment practices.

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A written contract of employment is a legal requirement as part of the employment relationship and failure to provide one can leave both parties unclear about their rights and responsibilities.

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Settlement agreements, which used to be called compromise agreements, can play an important part in ending an employment relationship, but there are some important legal safeguards.

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Severing ties with a director or senior executive comes with countless decisions about how to protect your business.

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Whether it is direct or indirect discrimination, a case of harassment, or failure to promote diversity, the Equality Act makes discrimination unacceptable in the workplace.

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It is easy for important steps to be missed during a staff crisis however, each vital step may be a legal requirement. An omission that could have a serious impact upon your business.

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Employers should enter into a period of consultation with their employees, giving them information on why the redundancies are necessary and if there are any alternatives available.

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Whilst it is better to try to resolve a dispute directly with an employee, there will be times when it simply is not possible. In those cases, you may be called before an employment tribunal.

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As an employer you have to be cautious with how you deal with dismissals in order to not be accused of an unfair dismissal.

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Failure to comply with employment legislation can be devastating for a business. Compensation awards for unfair dismissal claims can be in excess of £75,000 and awards for discrimination are unlimited.

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Our team has extensive experience of settling claims arising from a wide variety of accidents and injuries suffered in the workplace.

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Whilst a trip to the beauty salon may conjure up images of relaxation and pampering, many services use potentially harmful chemicals and machinery.

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Poole Alcock have a number of keen cyclists who commute to work and enjoy cycling as a hobby or as a competitive sport. We therefore understand the frustration that can occur.

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Every employer should ensure that the exposure of his employees to substances hazardous to health is either prevented or, where this is not reasonably practicable, adequately controlled.

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The loss of a loved one is one of the most difficult situations in life we have to face, and the thought of bringing a claim for compensation at this time is a difficult one.

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An employer has a duty to eliminate or reduce exposure to vibration to as low a level as is reasonably practicable. In doing so, the employer should have assessed any risks in the task concerned.

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Suffering a head injury is understandably concerning for the victim and their family. It is important to investigate any potential brain injury that may have been caused.

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Tinnitus is any noise (for example, buzzing or ringing) in the ear and can be caused by exposure to excessive levels of noise, although there are other causes too.

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It is logical to think that if you are constantly carrying out the same physical task at work, such as lifting heavy boxes without a break, you may well develop a bad back.

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Common causes of road traffic accidents include other road users, poorly maintained roads, obstructions in the road and slippery surfaces. You may have suffered an injury.

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Accidents can happen at any time and in any place – in the street, at work, at the supermarket. If you think that another person or organisation was responsible for your accident then you may be entitled to compensation.

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Suffering a spinal cord injury can be a life-changing event, impacting on almost every aspect of your life. If the accident was not your fault, then financial compensation is often necessary.

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Motoring and Road Traffic

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Motoring or Road Traffic Offences

If you are facing a motoring conviction or penalty point endorsement you could be at risk of losing your driving licence, your livelihood or even your liberty. At Poole Alcock, our specialist team of motoring lawyers defend individuals against prosecution for alleged road traffic offences, driving licence endorsements and fines. You can be confident that your case will be handled by expert, qualified solicitors throughout.

Protect your Driving Licence

We understand how important staying on the road can be. If you risk accumulating 12 points on your licence and are facing a 6 month ban under the so-called “Totting Up” provisions, we can help prevent that from happening and so protect your freedom and livelihood.

We may be able to challenge the evidence or present “Special Reasons” why you should not be disqualified or have points endorsed on your Licence at all.

Even if no “Special Reasons” exist, our expert motoring lawyers may still be able to help you keep your Licence or persuade the Court to impose a shorter ban by arguing the loss of your Licence will cause “Exceptional Hardship”. This can be particularly relevant if you need to drive as part of your job.

Get your Licence Back

If you have already been disqualified from driving, we may be able to help you get your licence back by making an early application to the court. We have a very high success rate of getting licences returned after disqualification, a service which we can offer on a Fixed Fee or Hourly Rate basis.

To find out if you’re eligible for an early removal please contact our specialist motoring team.

New Drivers

If you acquired your driving licence in the last 2 years you will be aware that the accumulation of just 6 points on your licence will see it revoked and you will have to resit your driving test. This is easily done given the proliferation of speed cameras and other enforcement measures on the roads.

We have a great track record in defending these matters, either mounting a defence to the allegation or arguing that Special Reasons exist so that your licence should not be endorsed. Even if there is no foundation for such an argument, we can still persuade the Court to impose a short ban instead of imposing points on your licence – this will often see you back on the road much quicker than having to resit your test.

If you wish to discuss your case further with us, please contact one of our specialist solicitors or simply fill in our enquiry form below and we will get back to you shortly.


Fees for Motoring Offences

We offer our motoring defence services on an hourly rate or fixed fee basis and will discuss the best option with you.

Our hourly rates depend on the seniority of the fee earner involved and are as follows (all costs quoted are exclusive of VAT charged at 20%):-

Partner  – 250/hr

Associate, Assistant Solicitor, Fellow of Institute of Legal Executives – 180/hr

Trainee Solicitors, Paralegals and Executives – 130/hr


We offer the following services on a fixed fee basis and we set out below the bracket of likely fixed fee dependent on the nature of the work involved and the seniority of the fee earner:

  • Speeding – Consideration of documents and initial consultation in the office – £150 – £250. Magistrates Court representation from an additional £100 – £250.*
  • Failure to Provide Information to the DVSA – section 172 Road Traffic Act – Consideration of documents and initial consultation in the office – £150 – £250. Magistrates Court representation from an additional £100 – £250*
  • Speeding – Consideration of documents and initial consultation in the office – £150 – £250. Magistrates Court representation from an additional £100 – £250*
  • Driving without Insurance – Consideration of documents and initial consultation in the office – £150 – £250. Magistrates Court representation from an additional £100 – £250*
  • Drink or Drug Driving – consideration of documents, initial consultation in the office and representation at the Magistrates Court hearing – £300 – £600*
  • Driving without Due Care and Attention/ Dangerous driving – consideration of documents, initial consultation in the office and representation at the Magistrates Court hearing – £300 – £600*
  • Special Reasons Argument to keep your Licence – consideration of documents, initial consultation in the office and representation at the Magistrates Court hearing – £300 – £600*
  • Exceptional Hardship Application to keep your Licence under the Totting Up Provisions – consideration of documents, initial consultation in the office and representation at the Magistrates Court hearing – £500 – £800*
  • Application for early return of driving Licence – consideration of documents, initial consultation in the office and representation at the Magistrates Court hearing  – £350 – £650*
  • Using Mobile phone whilst driving – consideration of documents and Initial consultation in the office – £150 – £250 plus vat. Magistrates Court representation from an additional £100 – £250*
  • Failure to Provide a blood or breath specimen for analysis – consideration of documents, initial consultation in the office and representation at the Magistrates Court hearing – £300 – £600*

*Please note many cases involve more than one appearance at Court and you will be quoted accordingly for additional Court representation over and above the first Magistrates Court hearing, be it on a fixed fee or hourly rate basis. Please also note that the above fees may be increased if there is additional travel involved attending a Court outside of Cheshire.

If you are involved in a contested trial in relation to a motoring matter you can expect to pay additional costs of between £350 – £1500 dependent on the work involved.

Please note that additional costs of third parties such as expert medical or accident reconstruction reports are not included in the above fees. Such costs will be discussed with you and agreed prior to any instruction.

Motoring and Road Traffic

Motoring and Road Traffic

What our clients say

  • Mr Flood is a wizard in Court!

    Crime and Regulatory Defence Client
  • I just wanted to say thank you. As frustrating as this whole thing was for me, on the occasions when I could have and would have felt very vulnerable and way out of my comfort zone, you brought the situation back to being very relaxed and “human”. I really appreciate that, I doubt I could have had that experience on a court day with many solicitors, and I honestly left the court hearing on both occasions pleased it was you at my side. Thanks Amie, I’ll be back in touch if I need to, but for now I hope all is good with you.

  • This is a brief note to thank you and Julia for all your help generally.  We have been very impressed with your efficiency and helpful response throughout.  It may well be that we will be looking to sell in the not too distant future, and if that proves to be the case we will definitely be coming back to Poole Alcock to act for us in the sale.

    Virginia Sherbourne
  • Very happy with the GDPR training and would highly recommend Eve

    Phil Roberts, Director, Northwest Law Services Ltd
  • My sincere thanks to Lisa Ball who recently acted on my behalf in relation to child care arrangements. This was a very complex case involving the care and support for my disabled son and myself as the primary carer for my child.

    Lisa was extremely supportive and professional and I trusted her implicitly. After a fraught 7 years of difficulties Lisa, in my opinion, was the only person who understood the situation and resolved the issues which were present.

    Her professionalism and negotiation skills with the other parties was outstanding and she took the lead when needed and appropriately.

    My son and I are now able to move forward knowing we are protected and free to experience the peace and happiness we deserve.

    Thank you so much Lisa for all that you did for us.

  • Following the completion of our purchase I just wanted to write to thank you and your team for all of your help over our sale and purchase.

    Many thanks again for your helpful and supportive service.

    Alan and Carol Layton
  • We asked Sarah Jarrett of Poole Alcock Solicitors to assist us in purchasing a small accountancy practice to merge into our own business.

    Sarah talked us through all of the legalities of doing this, drafted a thorough contract for approval by all parties and always kept us informed throughout this complicated procedure.

    She liaised with the vendors solicitors continually and helped us all to negotiate the finer points of the company purchase.

    Although sadly the vendor eventually pulled out of the deal we received very good service during the process and would have no hesitation to use Poole Alcock again when the need arises.

    Janet Clarke
  • Just a quick note to say how much we enjoyed the session on GDPR this morning. You gave a great presentation with some really useful information which has helped us to focus on what our actions need to be.

    Julia Bickerton – Calvin Marketing
  • Excellent service, difficult to suggest anyway of improving it!

  • Adam Pavey sensitively but strongly helped us manage our way through a potentially difficult employment dispute.  He helped us right wrongs and achieve a fair and satisfactory financial settlement.  I highly recommend his services.

  • I have used Poole Alcock’s Commercial team and in particular Luke Pritchard on a couple of occasions over the last year and quite frankly I feel lucky to have found him and to have him at the end of the phone. I came in contact with Luke through networking with Poole Alcock as a firm, I needed their services when I was looking to buy the business I now own and had a meeting with Luke and was instantly impressed…….he was detailed (yet clear), easy to talk with, polite and obviously knowledgeable.

    I walked out of the first meeting and thought this will be easy! One of the aspects I found so refreshing with Luke was the speed of his responses, he was quick to come back to me – even if that was “I’m off to a meeting, I will ring at X time”, I always knew where I stood with him and was never chasing him for information.

    The service was brilliant, the purchase went through smoothly and since having the business we have been back for more assistance with other matters……I believe a relationship has been formed and that Luke will be the company’s lawyer for as long as I sit in the MD role. I would happily recommend Luke and Poole Alcock!

    Lucy Ratcliffe – Director, Sign Master Solutions
  • It really does seem such a long time ago, that I first came to see you….its been such a long road!

    Thank you just doesn’t seem enough for everything you have done and for the way you have treated me.

    I thank you for always believing in me and for the empathic professional way that that you have dealt with everything. I always felt safe and had confidence in that everything you did was in my best interests.

    It was like sharing all my worries except that for me, I didn’t have half the share because you took more than that guiding me through this whole process and for that I will be eternally grateful. Without a doubt I would recommend anyone in a similar position to come to you.

  • I just want to thank you sincerely for the excellent manner in which you dealt with my recent personal injury claim and to say and to say how surprised and pleased I was with the result.

    Thank you again for your help and kindness.

    A S
  • I would like to thank you for the service that you and the team at Poole Alcock continue to provide to me and my clients. I recommended your HR Assist service to a long standing large client, over twelve months ago and they have been very impressed with the service and have renewed for their second year.

    There are many HR/Employment law providers in the market place. The HR Assist product is very competitively priced and the service and advice from the employment law solicitors is of the highest standard.

    I would not hesitate in continuing to recommend you and your team to friends, family and clients in the future.

    Paul Edwards – Director of Afford Bond
  • I visited Jane recently at the new offices in Congleton. The offices are beautiful and very well situated. Jane Jacques is a credit to her profession – extremely knowledgeable and incredibly professional. Jane took the time to fully explain the next steps and how the overall process would work. I left feeling very secure in the information I had received and extremely well supported by Jane herself.

    I would highly recommend Jane and Poole Alcock. Thank you for all your help and support

  • Many thanks for your help and support I greatly appreciate everything you have done for me and my kids. I couldn’t have gotten a better a solicitor…again, thank you very much.

    Mr D, Cheshire
  • I am honoured to recommend Sarah-Jane who was representing one of the parties in a mediation in which I was the mediator. She is an excellent litigator who pays attention to detail. Aside from her professionalism which I think is superb, I am particularly impressed by her ability to efficiently prepare all the necessary paperwork in litigation from bundles and correspondence through to briefs.

    Sarah-Jane is a force to be reckoned with and I would far rather have her representing me than an opponent. She has a wonderful personable style in her dealings with her clients and I have observed her give clear, reasoned advice. Sarah-Jane does this calmly and efficiently. She does not waste time or the Client’s money and those are attributes that I admire. I recommend this lady to anyone contemplating litigation. If a litigant has a case worth fighting, Sarah-Jane will do a superb job.

    Paul Rose, Mediator
  • The Contract has been worth every penny and has been a great investment so I am very grateful.

    Mark Littler – Independent Auctioneer
  • I would just like to personally drop you a line to thank you for your considerable personal and professional effort today, I am well aware that its your job, however when I spoke to Scott before he assured me without reservation that you were the man for the job, he was absolutely correct, I would have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone who may be in as an unfortunate situation that we were today.

    Mr F.
  • From start to finish James and his team made this home move the easiest I have had. They were organised, receptive, informative, professional and friendly. I would have no doubts in using them again or recommending them to others.

    Mrs Elaine Coward
  • After over 25 years using my previous law firm, in 2013 I made the decision to move my business to Poole Alcock.  Now, with five years of dealing with the team there, mainly on areas of commercial law but also from time to time on personal matters I have found the service both excellent and friendly. Whilst they only have 125 years experience, compared to Johnson’s 191 they seem to be progressing very nicely and I would have no hesitation in recommending them!

    John McMillan, Managing Director, Johnsons of Nantwich
  • An extremely approachable, professional and dedicated team providing a high level of client care. On occasions when we have needed support and guidance, we have received a timely and informed response. The team have listened to the needs of our organisation and supported a bespoke approach to meet our requirements.

    Alison Davies – Head of Operations, End of Life Partnership
  • Thanks for your assistance with our property sale and purchase over the past few months. The quality of service and thoroughness of advice and guidance was excellent.

    We are really pleased with the service we received from you and would definitely recommend you both.

    D & R O
  • You have provided an excellent service on both our sale and purchase and I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending you and your team.

    Michelle Murray
  • We just wanted to thank you very much for your valuable time on Tuesday afternoon.  We appreciated not only your wise counsel, but also your kind manner and generosity.

    You are a lovely person and we feel very grateful that it was you with whom we were put in touch.  We both felt so much better for speaking with you and having the benefit of your expertise – thank you.

    We shall definitely be coming to your Nantwich practice to sort out our wills – and you will most certainly be our choice of solicitor when we next have a conveyancing requirement.

    Diana Carter
  • I recommended a friend of mine to use Jane Jacques at Poole Alcock as his family solicitor as I found her to be highly professional and experienced. I was also aware that Jane is appointed by the Cheshire Police Federation to represent Cheshire Police officers and so I was confident that he would be in good hands. The feedback from my friend was excellent and he could not speak highly enough of Jane’s advice and assistance throughout the whole process. I wouldn’t think twice about recommending Jane and Poole Alcock again in the future.

  • I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you personally for your kindness, compassion & understanding towards my girls & I. Please also relay my thanks & gratitude to the rest of your team in handling my late mother’s estate.

    Mrs A
  • Poole Alcock are exactly what I require in a law firm.  I have dealt with Luke and James for my business and personal issues and each time they provide diligent, efficient and professional services.  They are always at hand to offer advice/their services, which enables me to focus my time on my business.  I highly recommend their services to others that are seeking a professional, approachable law firm.

    Nick Lewis – Chemsol
  • Your professionalism and commitment to my case was exceptional.  Your attention to detail and also the time you spent preparing with me for the court date was above and beyond expectations.

    The administration support and communication  from Poole Alcock was exceptional throughout, with prompt return of phone calls and correspondence.   I must thank Ruth Holloway in particular for her commitment and tenacity in successfully appealing the initial refund of my legal fees.  Thank you.

  • Having suffered due to our buyers conveyancing team, you upheld your promise to us. A first class service. A massive THANK YOU!

    Jeanette and Steve Mason
  • The service I received from Eve Lakin was very respectful, professional and helpful and I noted a clear emphasis in ensuring that the communication was agile throughout the process of developing contracts for a specialist area of work. The professional advice was thorough and efforts were noted in understanding fully the particularly specialised points to be included in the contract requested.  Thank you!  A trusting professional place to come back when seeking legal advice.

    Commercial Client
  • Thank you to you and Monisha for all the work that you put into the sale of our flat. Your patience and expertise over the many months was much appreciated.

    Simon Chynoweth
  • Verity displayed a very high degree of competence and professionalism

    Mr M
  • I was very impressed with the professional and timely services provided by Tania and Poole Alcock in Congleton. I had regular updates and was fully appraised of the property purchase proceeding throughout. Communication is key when buying a property, Tania made the process as smooth and hassle free as it could be. Very highly recommended.

  • Thank you so much for today. Your advice, knowledge and guidance is invaluable and very much appreciated.

  • Verity was knowledgeable in her field, attentive and proactive in moving things forward. The service I received was excellent and I would recommend Poole Alcock without reservation.

    Barry Jones – Director, Watts Mortgage and Wealth Management
  • Thank you Andrew thanks for all your hard work and the team we really appreciate it.

    Mrs. C
  • At Chatwins we believe in the adage “Your people are its most important asset” and consequently Human Resource Management has become increasingly important to our success.

    After several years of HR telephone support from a large provider, we decided to move Poole Alcock as we would be working with a local company who would better understand our business and therefore provide a better support.

    Since moving, we have been most impressed with the day-to-day support we have received. As the support is direct from a law firm, then we did expect a high level of expertise, and they have certainly delivered in this aspect.

    What has pleased us most is that now face to face meeting, with one point of contact, are the norm. Rather than things being dealt with over the phone, by sometimes different people, the one to one relationship with Poole Alcock means matters get resolved more quickly. In fact they feel part of our business rather than an outsourced agency, and one which we are delighted to recommend.

    Edward Chatwin, Chairman, Arthur Chatwin Limited
  • Thank you for your hard work in reaching a settlement in the claim following the death of my late husband. The final sum far exceeded what I’d imagined it would be.

    Again my thanks.

    Mr E L
  • Special thanks to Sarah Jarrett and Scott Harding from Poole Alcock who provided us with legal assistance for a management buyout and HR assistance for our business.  We have been delighted with the levels of service, advice, friendliness and positive approach from Sarah and Scott, as well as all the support staff at Poole Alcock.  All aspects were dealt with in a personable but meticulous and professional manner with plain English explanations which was very much appreciated.  We would highly recommend Poole Alcock Solicitors to other businesses and individuals that are considering instructing legal services.  Thanks again for all your help and continued support.

    Martin Jones – Director, Practicon Limited.
  • I just wanted to say thank you. It has been a very long 2 years off my life and your help, understanding and counselling has been invaluable.

    Monies transferred, our new house should complete end of this month and I can truly start my new life.

    Thank you and thank your team too.  I shall always recommend your practice highly.

    Mr J L
  • I can relax at last!

    Thanks again for making me feel so at ease and happy with your amazing support

    O E
  • I just wanted to say many thanks for everything you have done for Peter when he was alive.

    And your kindness when Peter passed away.

    Many Thanks for everything

  • Thank you so much for the professional way you handled the sale of our house.

    Finn and Birgit
  • Sarah-Jane’s tenacity and commercial approach to bringing a swift resolution to a matter is a breath of fresh air

  • Anna,

    Many thanks for all your help the past few months in finally settling my case. Your help and support has been much appreciated and I’m so glad it is now at an end.

    E C
  • Since my case completed, I never had the chance to thank you for everything you did for me.

    You honestly have no idea how much it meant at really one of the most difficult times in my life, and certainly in my career.

    From the moment I came in to see you, I felt a weight had been lifted and your experience, professionalism and knowledge guided and assisted me to achieving a good outcome.

    I truly can’t thank you and the team enough for your support and guidance throughout the process I have been through.

  • I cannot praise Poole Alcock highly enough for the work they have completed for us. The Academy conversion has gone extremely smoothly largely because of the excellent service we received from Sarah Jarrett who handled our conversion. Sarah kept us informed every step of the way; dealing with the Local Authority and the Department for Education. Headteachers rarely go through this process twice so it was hugely comforting to have the support of such an experienced and competent legal partner.


    Linda Davis, Headteacher, Wistaston Green Primary & Nursery School (Now Wistaston Green Academy)
  • Just wanted to say thank you for your assistance and support with the purchase of our first home. As first time buyers, the task can be a very daunting one with many questions and unknowns. Thank you for making it all seamless and straightforward. We definitely look forward to working with you in the future.

    J and S
  • Thank you  for your time today, and all the advice given, very much appreciated and you made me feel at ease from the beginning. Excellent service needs recognition.

  • Poole Alcock were my first choice of solicitors and throughout my claim from start to finish Anna Burns was so supportive to me. She showed me a great deal of empathy due to the nature of my claim. I feel we built an excellent professional relationship and Anna was always available to speak to if I needed to ask any questions. On the rare occasions that I could not reach Anna, all of the supporting staff at Poole Alcock were equally supportive and helpful. The claim ran as smooth and as stress free as it possibly could and I was always well informed of any changes or upcoming appointments. I would highly recommend Poole Alcock.

    Thank you for everything Anna. I literally could not have got through all of this without you and all your support.

  • Thank you for all you have done with regard to our uncle’s estate. Your kind and friendly manner helped us greatly as you guided us through the process.

    J and M J & CH
  • Poole Alcock are an excellent firm of solicitors giving all the benefits and services of a large city firm, combined with a personal local touch.

    We have no hesitation in referring our clients who require legal services to Sarah and the team and we only ever have positive feedback which is excellent. The firm is proactive, forward thinking and entrepreneurial in their approach, making them an excellent choice for our clients.

    Phil Gray, Managing Director – Watts Commercial Finance Ltd
  • Very caring, thoughtful and understanding.

  • I used Poole Alcock for my divorce. On my first meeting with Jane Jacques I was in a complete state of panic about what was happening. She immediately put me at ease and I felt confident that my case was going to be in the right hands. From the outset everyone was very professional but at the same time very caring.

    It was unfortunately a very difficult, drawn out case, but every dealing I had with Jane left me feeling positive and confident.

    I was kept informed every step of the way and Poole Alcock were very upfront about the process and the expected costs.

    At one point I had to deal with another solicitor – Nicola Deakin. Nicola was also lovely, professional and caring. The barrister appointed by Poole Alcock was excellent. Mr Julian Shaw was extremely experienced and knowledgeable and did a fantastic job in court for me.

    As my case now draws to a close I can’t thank the team at Poole Alcock enough. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending the firm and especially Jane Jacques to anyone requiring a family law solicitor.

  • Could you please pass my thanks to Richard for being so helpful, informative and generous with his time.

    He gave me  a really clear picture of all the options and  processes involved. His  informal advice was also really invaluable – such a  refreshing experience compared to poor information and advice I had been given elsewhere. From the moment I walked in the door everything lived up to your website.

    Thanks again

    Mr R
  • We consider Poole Alcock to be an invaluable business partner. Luke and the team took the time to truly understand our business and have tailored a package exactly to our needs.

    With Business Assist we have the reassurance that we can receive speedy, professional, commercial legal support at any time, across a range of requirements. We have saved both time and money using the service, which has benefitted us hugely during a period of sustained growth.

    Sam Gadsby – Clicky Media
  • I just wanted to say thank you for always believing in me. I will be forever thankful to you for always understanding me. Its like you were in my head the whole way through. You’ve been by my side for almost a year now and it meant a lot that you believed in me.

    Family Client
  • May we take this opportunity to thank you both very much for all the hard work you have done to help us with our house move.

    We know it’s not been easy a times but we made it in the end.

  • Thank you for doing such a professional and efficient job on the conveyancing on my late father’s house in Crewe, it was appreciated.


    Joel Bright
  • I cannot recommend Jane Jacques highly enough. I expected my divorce to be a very difficult and tough experience but it was surprisingly seamless and stress free thanks to Jane.

    She was friendly, approachable and efficient and she communicated with me at all times. I would like to thank Jane and Poole Alcock for their excellent customer service.

  • Thank you for the outcome of my case. I found Nicola and Cheryl extremely approachable and very professional. They offered me such support and guidance in my case. They also kept me informed whenever needed.

    I never had to wait long for an appointment and any problems that arose were dealt with.

    Thanks once again for all the support you have given to me.

    C R
  • First class service from Danielle Roberts. Empathy, understanding our needs and nothing was too much trouble.

    Trevor and Jane Leese
  • Thank you so much for all your preparation and work in the court this morning.  I want to thank you and each of the solicitors that helped me over the last 18 months. I would also like to say a big thank you to the office and reception staff who have always been most helpful and polite to me.

    Criminal Defence Client
  • Just wanted to thank you for your work on getting my purchase completed. The final day was a little stressful but thanks to your intervention, it all worked out.

  • I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and your wonderful colleagues for all your help, advice and support over the past 18 months, onwards and upwards now!!

  • Everyone I dealt with was professional, efficient, patient, and human! Mandy at reception fielding my (many) calls and Tania who calmly pointed out the intricacies of the process in terms I could understand.

    I would particularly like to praise Leanne Salt who, apart from the occasional conversation with Tania, dealt with this sale

    This has been a fraught process ( nothing to do with Poole Alcock I must stress) particularly with an uncommunicative and slow buyer’s solicitor causing what should have been a  straightforward sale to be drawn out and stressful but Leanne did all she could to progress it, even liaising with the estate agent when the the buyer’s solicitor was not forthcoming.

    Without her being so proactive I really don’t know when, or even if, we would have completed.

    With Leanne I felt that she was always fighting my corner and I felt I could to talk to her as a person.

    If I were to sell another property I would certainly use Poole Alcock as long as Leanne handled it.

    Paul Davis
  • I just wanted to thank you for the way your solicitor, Stuart Flood defended my cousin at Crewe Magistrates Courts recently.

    Stuart did a tremendous job of keeping the case at the Magistrates Courts and in getting the best possible outcome we could have ever hoped for. All concerned were mightily impressed at his skill & professionalism. Stuart and the Probation Officer were a formidable team.

    Thank you once again from all the family. One never knows whats is around the corner but with respect, hopefully we won’t be in need of your defence services again, however, if we do we will know where to come.

    Mr N
  • For all your kindness to us over the past 3 years (nearly) and we are very grateful for the settlement. Take care and thanks once again.

    F & J H
  • Thanks for confirming exchange yesterday. I just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work you’ve done on this and for being so thorough….roll on completion!


    E M
  • Just wanted to say a massive thank you for all your hard work and effort and most importantly support involving my divorce.

    It was one of the most traumatic experiences I have ever been through, however your attitude and your focus made me stay determined in securing a better outcome then I ever first thought.

    Being able to speak to you at any point in what was a harrowing process was quickly short lived when I was able to build up a relationship with your dedicated secretary Louise and most importantly a fully committed relationship with yourself.

    Your experience and reassurances made the last 12 months somewhat bearable especially with your expertise in involving children in a divorce.

    With the added pressure of a Non-molestation and Occupation order, your support was second to none towards myself and my children.

    I will have no qualms at recommending you to all my friends and family if a solicitor is ever required.

    Poole Alcock are incredibly lucky to have you on their team and I wish you every success in furthering your career.

  • I am pleased to submit this testimonial relating to the service provided by Nichola Armstrong of Poole Alcock Solicitors on my behalf relating to the sale of a commercial property in Congleton, Cheshire.

    What started out a a straight forward transaction soon altered  as a number of awkward and time consuming problems caused by the purchaser developed with additional parties becoming involved. Much of this work was carried out whilst I was residing in France.

    Throughout the transaction Nichola acted in the most professional manner, keeping me informed and offering advice and guidance at all times. This resulted a successful completion of the sale.

    I have no hesitation in recommending Nichola to anyone looking for an outstanding professional  to act for them in any situation

    Yours sincerely

    R. Fox
  • Thank you for making the sale and purchase of our houses as smooth and quick as possible!

    Melissa Bloor
  • The thought of filing for divorce filled me with horror, but thanks to you, you made it a really easy, stress free process. Being able to correspond via email helped me a lot and I noticed you emailed outside of office hours – showing your dedication to your job. You were always kind and caring and I want you to know how much I appreciate all your help during this difficult period in my life. I would certainly highly recommend your services. I am now ready to move on. Thank you so very much.

    Mrs T
  • Verity was very professional while being friendly and understanding. Our meetings were relaxed and unrushed. I felt confident that all my needs were discussed and extremely satisfied with the service I received. Thank you

  • I have engaged with Poole Alcock solicitors over a period of time and have found the level of service, professionalism and specifically legal knowledge to be of the highest standards. The attention to detail, amicability and personal level of service one receives is outstanding. I would highly recommend the services of Nicola Deakin specifically. Nicola is a consummate professional of the highest calibre and on a personal note, a marvellous individual to work with and to have supporting you. I could not praise Nicola enough for the quality of service that has been provided. I will be engaging with Poole Alcock without hesitation for all my future legal requirements.

    S Orton
  • I was referred to Poole Alcock as a partnering legal company whom demonstrated a level of professionalism and care, which surpassed many of their competitors. It was a real concern of mine to change legal partners, however that said, moving to PA has without a doubt been one of the most productive business decisions we have made. Upon speaking with Luke Pritchard and his team, we opted for their Business Assist package.

    Luke and his team make the legal challenges/questions faced by businesses, painless. He proactively assists with our corporate and international client’s legal teams requirements. Our legal documentation is maintained and refreshed regularly whilst new product launches are backed by comprehensive and concise agreements. Having worked with a number of legal teams over the years, finding a Solicitor with not only the passion and drive that Luke has, yet a sense of humour also, is a real breath of fresh air!

    Ram Moetamedi – Managing Director, UK IT Networks
  • A very big thank you and my appreciation and best wishes for all your hard work and dedication in my case for compensation.

  • I just wanted to write to you to say thank you for the fantastic service that you and your team have provided so far with HR Assist. I think the product is fantastic and couldn’t be without it.

    I didn’t think that Owl Projects needed a service like HR Assist, until I had cause to call you for advice on an employment law matter. It was that conversation that triggered my interest in taking up HR Assist and I am so glad we did! I didn’t realise how exposed we were to having a claim made against us. I now have peace of mind knowing that all of our HR needs are taken care of and that all of our contracts, handbooks, documents and processes are kept up to date by specialist solicitors.

    I would heavily recommend Poole Alcock and HR Assist to any business. It’s scary how quickly the law changes and things become out of date. I didn’t understand how massive the area of HR is. I don’t have to worry about that anymore.

    Thanks again!

    Miss Alison Kershaw – Contracts Manager, Owl Projects
  • From start to finish our house sale went through swiftly and smoothly thanks to Sarah McCleary and her team. We would certainly use Poole Alcock again and would thoroughly recommend them

    David and Annette Perks
  • I would like to thank you most sincerely for the way you have sensitively handled every aspect of my case, particularly in light of the difficulty I encountered for the first few months.

    Kathryn Leonard
  • I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you have done for me….you don’t just care about the job, you care as a person….it made me feel safe knowing you were the one dealing with my case.

    I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done.

  • Tim’s representation was professional, knowledgeable and robust. Excellent service all round!

    Criminal Defence Client
  • The unexpected experience of a H&S Executive prosecution was facing my company and this proved to extend over a period of several months because of the slow process. I instructed Poole Alcock to handle the matter on behalf of the company and I found Dan Brooks, the Partner who heads up Criminal Litigation, to be extremely supportive and responsive from initial enquiry and instruction through to the hearing and thereafter. The process did prove to be stressful but Poole Alcock walked us through each stage and ensured that it went as smoothly as possible. I was specifically grateful for Dan’s advice on the day of the trial. Their advice proved to be accurate and their recommendations were offered sympathetically and in a measured way.

    I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending the services of Poole Alcock to any company facing similar circumstances.

    Mr P – Director of leading Cheshire building company
  • I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me, supporting me, moreover believing in me and helping me to see that I am worthy of being so happy in myself and achieving my goals.

    Everybody has difficult times and most worse than me but you helped me get through mine and made me believe I could come out the other side and live a wonderfully happy life.

    We will be eternally grateful to you.


  • The sale of the house was dealt with in a very swift and professional manner with regular updates by Gill. Thank you for everything!

    Faisal Ahmed
  • Since my case completed, I never had the chance to thank you for everything you did for me. You honestly have no idea how much it meant at really one of the most difficult times in my life, and certainly in my career.

    From the moment I came in to see you, I felt a weight had been lifted and your experience, professionalism and knowledge guided and assisted me to achieving a good outcome. I truly can’t thank you and the team enough for your support and guidance throughout the process I have been through.


  • Thank you for your assistance with the recent purchase of my  property in Stoke On Trent. Your professionalism, politeness  and efficiency made this process a success. I would recommend you to others.


    Patricia Bosha
  • I have purchased several properties using the services of Poole Alcock and am thoroughly happy with the professionalism and great communication during the period of transaction. Buying a house is always a little stressful but the team at Poole Alcock take away the worries and answer any questions rapidly and efficiently.

    Isabella Ailefroide
  • I’ve used Nicky Armstrong and her team for nearly 20 years and always found them very thorough, in particular very good at dealing with the detail regarding our commercial property purchases. The service provided has always been extremely professional and prompt, always going the extra mile making sure all aspects are covered and that I do not enter into any legal obligations I do not completely understand.  I would, without reservation, recommend Nicky Armstrong and her team at Poole Alcock

    Sean Booth, Managing Director – Parkway Motor Group
  • My late husband was really happy with the service you provided and I would like to thank you for making it easier for me after he passed away.

    Industrial Disease Client
  • I just wanted to say a big thank you for getting us to completion on the lease of unit 2. I know it was a tricky little number and without your perseverance we would never have signed. I wish you luck with all future cases, and if anyone asks me I will recommend you and Poole Alcock.

    I’ll drop you a line when I open, so pop in for a brew if you’re ever in Crewe!

    Jessica Bowley, The Pantree Coffee and Tea Lounge Ltd
  • We required a local solicitor to assist us in developing a business opportunity for the Highfields Academy.

    After seeking input from several Solicitors we awarded our contract to Poole Alcock , we found them extremely easy to deal with, good value for money, professional and always ready to provide good quality advice .

    We also found Luke, Jonathan and Nichola always on hand which was extremely valuable to us since we had to move very quickly.

    I can thoroughly recommend Poole Alcock.

    John Mann – Finance Director, Star Academy Trust
  • Thanks James, I wish you the best of luck in the next stage of your training. The service that you have provided has been excellent and far superior to other solicitors that I have used it the past. Should you require any supporting evidence for your portfolio I would be happy to write a more detailed account of this.

    Mr L
  • Super fast and helpful! Gill was great and got us in the property before X-Mas which was amazing, how she managed to do this in 3-4 weeks is beyond me…. absolutely outstanding! highly recommended!!

    Mrs A F
  • I used the conveyancing services of Poole Alcock to deal with my house sale and subsequent related purchase in July 2017.

    Sarah Hooper at the Alsager branch was my main point of contact, she is delightful to deal with; friendly, professional, with excellent customer service skills. She was proactive, in regular contact, and just generally wonderful at reassuring me and keeping me informed. Even better, when Sarah was unavailable to speak to, the rest of her team were also excellent, and always knew what was going on with my transactions. Having had an absolute nightmare when we last went through property sale and purchase 6 years previously (using a different firm), it was totally refreshing to have such a positive experience this time around.

    Highly recommend.

    Cate Walter
  • Our relationship with Poole Alcock is an important one to St Luke’s Hospice for a few different reasons. For one Poole Alcock and staff have been supportive of St Luke’s as a local charity. Great efforts have been made both Corporately and by the team at Poole Alcock to raise much needed funds for us to care for the people of Mid and South Cheshire.Just as important to us is the support we have received professionally. We have used Poole Alcock’s legal services to minimise our risk and to help grow our business arm. The staff we have dealt with have been fantastic. We have always been dealt with courteously, professionally and with respect, and an understanding that the law can be complex for non-professionals to understand.This professionalism is underpinned by excellent knowledge and coupled together we are left feeling both supported and secure as an organisation….which means we can get on with what we are really here for, supporting and caring for our patients and their families.

    St Luke’s Hospice
  • On behalf of myself and family, we would like to thank you, and everyone concerned, for the successful conclusion of our claim. It was a long road that seemed to have no end, but you never gave up, so to you Andrew and everyone at Poole Alcock LLP, we wish you all the best in the future and may the company prosper in the coming years as it surely deserves to for your dedication to your client.

    Mr A B
  • Poole Alcock delivered exceptional support through a complex due diligence exercise involving several limited companies, leasehold and freehold properties.

    Their professionalism, breadth and depth of expertise was key in concluding the sales transaction. A huge thank you, it was a pleasure working with the team.

    Maria Bradbury – Stepping Stones
  • Thank you for the sensitive, helpful and efficient way you have assisted me with revising my Will and setting place the Lasting Powers of Attorney at a difficult time.

  • I recently engaged Poole Alcock to check a contract for me. I found the process very clear and straight forward. Eve was very thorough and professional, explaining all of the legal aspects in detail. I would certainly recommend you to others.

    Employment Client
  • Gill could not have done any more to make the purchase stress free and always replied to questions very promptly.

    P & M C
  • Thank you for all the hard work you have done for me.


    Mrs D
  • This is just a quick note to thank you very much for all your help on Friday 16th at Crewe Magistrates Court.

    You understood my exact situation perfectly and communicated this very effectively to the court. You were a great comfort to me in unfamiliar circumstances.

    Thank you very much again and you are correct – things are looking up once more!

    Mr. C Miller
  • You have been fantastic and completely on the ball with everything

    F. Warwick
  • First rate service in all respects

    NC & AMW

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