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Asbestosis is fibrosis within the lung caused by exposure to asbestos

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Asbestosis is fibrosis within the lung caused by exposure to asbestos. Pulmonary (meaning relating to the lungs) fibrosis and interstitial fibrosis are the same conditions but may have other causes than exposure to asbestos.

Symptoms and diagnosis for Asbestosis usually occur in excess of 20 years after exposure. The condition is directly related to the length and extent of exposure to asbestos. Mild exposure over a short period is unlikely to cause fibrosis of the lungs.

Symptoms of Asbestosis

In very early stages there may be little or no symptoms. However, as the condition progresses there will be increasing breathlessness and coughing. Mobility becomes reduced and quality of life may be affected.  Sufferers may also develop a rounded deformity to the fingertips, known as clubbing.

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