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General Dental Council Investigations

If you are facing investigation by the General Dental Council (GDC), then it is essential that you receive specialist legal advice, before responding to the GDC

The GDC will investigate concerns/allegations raised against dental practitioners that call into question their fitness to practice. Matters that the GDC will investigate include:

  • Serious or repeated mistakes

  • Dishonesty
  • Prescribing errors
  • Financial misconduct
  • Sexual misconduct
  • Serious breaches of confidentiality
  • Impairment due to health issues
  • Criminal convictions
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Specialists in GDC Representation

If the GDC believe that an allegation is credible, or considered serious enough, then an investigation will begin, and Case Examiners for the GDC will invite you to make representations.  It is always important to respond with representations to any allegation that has been made against you. At Poole Alcock we can assist you in making appropriate representations to the GDC.  Case examiners will decide whether to take no action, conclude your case with advice, issue you with a formal warning or refer the case to one of the GDC’s Practice Committees. Written representations can make the difference between a case against you being closed, or continuing onto the next stage.

If the case is referred to one of the GDC’s Practice Committees, there will be a full public hearing of the case.  The Practice Committee will determine whether you are fit to practice and whether any action is to be taken against you.


GDC Sanctions

The sanctions that are available to the Practice Committee include:

1. Taking no action
2. Formal reprimand
3. Placing conditions on your practice
4. Suspension
5. Erasure from the Register

The GDC could also apply for Interim Orders, at the Interim Order Committee, to be made whilst the investigation against you is ongoing.  The Interim Orders that can be made can either place conditions on your practice or even suspend you from practice, before any allegation has even been proven.

At Poole Alcock we can assist you in defending allegations that have been made against you, regardless of which stage of the investigation your case is at.    

Poole Alcock offer competitive rates for representation and advice. Contact us today to find out more information.

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The unexpected experience of a H&S Executive prosecution was facing my company and this proved to extend over a period of several months because of the slow process. I instructed Poole Alcock to handle the matter on behalf of the company and I found Dan Brooks, the Partner who heads up Criminal Litigation, to be extremely supportive and responsive from initial enquiry and instruction through to the hearing and thereafter. The process did prove to be stressful but Poole Alcock walked us through each stage and ensured that it went as smoothly as possible. I was specifically grateful for Dan’s advice on the day of the trial. Their advice proved to be accurate and their recommendations were offered sympathetically and in a measured way.

I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending the services of Poole Alcock to any company facing similar circumstances.

Mr P

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I would just like to personally drop you a line to thank you for your considerable personal and professional effort today, I am well aware that its your job, however when I spoke to Scott before he assured me without reservation that you were the man for the job, he was absolutely correct, I would have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone who may be in as an unfortunate situation that we were today.

Mr F.

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Excellent Support!

Thank you

Mr D R

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Tim, the man, the myth, the legend.

Mr Jason Purcell

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I would like to thank Stuart Flood and his staff for their professional, friendly and compassionate service at a very difficult time.

Miss S S

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I felt I was given a very good service in a very professional manner.

E B – Crime client

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