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Poole Alcock Seller’s Pack

Want to get your house sale completed as quickly as possible? Let us do all the work in advance with a Poole Alcock Seller's Pack

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Complete Your House Sale Six Weeks Faster

Tell us as soon as you put your house on the market, and we will prepare a pack so that you are “ready to go” as soon as you agree to a sale.

The buyer’s solicitor will then have all the information they need so that they can be ready to exchange contracts as soon as the buyer’s mortgage offer arrives.

This won’t cost you a penny more.

Once you have instructed us, our conveyancing team will collate the pack, which will then be reviewed by a qualified lawyer who will work through any likely enquiries that a buyer’s solicitor may raise, and make sure that you have gathered any necessary documents or certificates that are likely to be requested.

If you elect to include searches in the pack, we will include a clause in the contract requiring the buyer to reimburse the cost of the searches on completion.

To get your home ‘sale ready’, call us now on 01270 625478.

Untitled - Poole Alcock Seller's Pack
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The pack will include:

  • Copies of all the legal title documents for the property

  • A completed Property Information Form

  • A completed Fittings and Contents Form

  • EPC

  • Replies to pre-contract enquiries

  • All searches* (optional)

    *The cost of searches in Cheshire will be £225 plus VAT, and we will ask the buyer to reimburse this cost on completion. If your property does not sell, or the buyer refuses to pay this amount, we will not be able to refund this amount to you. The searches will remain valid for 18 months.

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