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Throughout the current Covid-19 health crisis we have remained “open for business” as a law firm, providing our full range of legal services without interruption.  It is important though that our clients understand what we mean by “open for business”:-

We will continue to progress our clients’ cases across the complete range of legal services. We will do this:

  • without delay
  • without interruption
  • to the excellent standard that our clients have come to expect
Poole Alcock

How we achieve this

As the Coronavirus pandemic took hold in the UK, Poole Alcock took steps to arrange the full redeployment of all staff to remote working. In the week leading up to the lockdown, we started to redeploy team members to home working. This meant that there was no disruption to service when the time came for all of our staff to move out. We are pleased to say that from the moment the movement restrictions were announced by the government, we were continuing to work on behalf of our clients without delay.

We have, for many years, worked within a secure remote desktop infrastructure, which not only allows for all of our secure client data to be protected, it also enables us to redeploy staff at a moment’s notice safe in the knowledge that they can work just as effectively. Our staff do not need to be physically in the office in order to work on our clients’ files. We have an advanced telephony system which has enabled us to re-route all of our main telephone lines to alternative phones held by our staff – wherever they may be – meaning that we won’t miss a call from you.

Our transactional teams are connected through an open-channel video-conferencing application allowing them to work together as if they were in the same room.

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Meetings with my Lawyer

Obviously we still have a responsibility to our staff, our clients and the wider community and as a result, we do not feel we are able to routinely meet with clients face-to-face for the time being. We have a number of IT solutions available to us though which should allow you to have video calls with your lawyer at your convenience. We are able to meet via:

  • Zoom
  • Microsoft Teams
  • FaceTime

Clients should note that they do not have to sign up or pay for any of this software and it can usually be accessed via a smartphone, tablet or a computer simply by clicking a link which we send to you. Of course, we are happy to carry out simple telephone meetings if this is your preference.

We can assure you then that meetings will still take place with your lawyer…the only difference is that you will have to supply the tea!

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Looking after our People

We have been truly amazed by the reaction of our staff to the changes that we have had to implement in order to adapt to the current situation. Our firm really is built by the people within it. Their dedication to continue offering excellent service to their clients and to work with each other through this crisis has been evident throughout. We have never been prouder of our people.

We encourage all of our staff to stay in communication with each other throughout these times so that they remain together despite their distance from each other. We feel that there is no substitute for just having a brew and chatting with each other. We have asked all our staff to have “virtual” coffee breaks with their colleagues and to pick up the phone with each other wherever possible.

We want to thank all of our staff and all of our clients for adapting to our new ways of working. We are also extremely grateful to all of our key suppliers including Prism Solutions, Weaver Bomfords and Matrix for enabling us to continue offering our services to our clients.

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