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Derek MacDonald

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Derek MacDonald

Job Title: Partner - Criminal Litigation

Supervised By: Tim Edgeley

Department: Criminal Defence

Location: Crewe - Nantwich Road

Call me on:01270 256665


Derek MacDonald is a Partner in the Crime department. He graduated from Birmingham University in 1989 with honours, qualifying as a Solicitor in 1994. He has practiced Criminal Law in Cheshire for over 25 years. He has specialises in this field and joined the firm as a Partner in 2003. Derek is a qualified duty solicitor and holds the Law Society Criminal Litigation Accreditation.

As a Specialist in Road traffic he regularly deals with all motoring matters including, Speeding, Drink/Drug Driving allegations, Special Reasons Arguments and Exceptional Hardship Applications.

Derek can advise right from the outset in these matters including attending at Police Stations and Custody facilities with defendants for Police interviews under Caution.

Derek will provide support to clients for;


Police Station investigations

Magistrates Court Proceedings

Crown Court Proceedings



What our clients say

  • Amazing Team! I can’t thank Derek and Hannah enough for their guidance and expertise. Thank you both so much.

    T W

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