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Lesley Barnett

Job Title: Associate Solicitor - Criminal Defence

Department: Criminal Defence

Location: Nantwich – The Dowery

Call me on:01270 613924


Lesley Barnett is a Solicitor in the Crime Department.   Her career in criminal defence started in 1995 as a Legal Executive.  She obtained police station accreditation in 1996.

Graduating from Staffordshire University in 2009, Lesley qualified as a solicitor in 2010.  She is a duty solicitor and a higher courts’ advocate.

Lesley represents clients at the police station, Magistrates’ Court and Crown Court.  She has experience of dealing with cases ranging from theft and public order through to drugs supply, fraud and murder.

Support for clients can be provided in the following areas:-

Police station investigation.

Magistrates’ Court.

Youth Court.

Crown Court.

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