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At Poole Alcock we offer a complete range of commercial and business legal services for employers.

Whether you’re looking for advice, are engaging in an employment dispute or require documentation to be drawn up for the ideal business employment guide, we can help. We are a leading UK firm of employment legal specialists who can help with any advice, litigation or corporate issue.

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Employment Law Services

Settlement Agreements

Contracts of Employment

A written contract of employment is a legal requirement as part of the employment relationship and failure to provide one can leave both parties unclear about their rights and responsibilities.

Lack of clarity can also lead to disputes that take valuable time and resources to resolve, distracting you from the important task of running your business.

A well-drafted contract of employment will protect your intellectual property and your business from damage by former employees. Poole Alcock Solicitors specialise in employment law and you can draw upon our expertise to establish contracts of employment that work for and protect your business.

Settlement Agreements

Settlement agreements, which used to be called compromise agreements, can play an important part in ending an employment relationship. To find out how you can use these safeguards and protect your business Poole Alcock’s employment team can explain the conditions that make settlement agreements legally binding. We are well versed in working within the ACAS statutory Code of Practice and can protect your business from ending up on the wrong side of the law.

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Employee Grievance and Disciplinary Issues

Initiating your company’s disciplinary or grievance policies and procedures can be an emotive, challenging and time consuming process for everyone. However, with the help of a specialist employment solicitor from Poole Alcock you can avoid any risks to your business.

In addition to helping you put the right policies and procedures in place, our employment lawyers can advise you about the protocols to follow as part of the disciplinary or grievance process. We can also advise you about the penalties for getting it wrong.

Our skilled team of employment lawyers have worked with businesses across the UK, helping them to recognise potentially damaging issues in the workplace and handle them appropriately. With a pragmatic and commercial approach, our aim is to help your business take a systematic approach to a problematic issue.

Executive Severance Cases

If you need to terminate a senior executive’s appointment, knowing whether terms will need to be recorded in a settlement or compromise agreement is essential.

Poole Alcock’s employment lawyers can negotiate an Executive Severance Agreement settlement with the individual, as quickly and cost-effectively as possible for your business.

Our commercial lawyers can help you to manage the transfer of shares and obtaining shareholder approval for compensation, register the resignation or removal with Companies House and safeguard your business from loss of confidential information, intellectual property rights and client.

Bespoke Training for Staff and Management

When a business is transferred, training from expert employment solicitors can help you to use the law as a positive framework to keep your business on the right side of employment law.

At Poole Alcock, we can share our expertise with your in-house team, steering them safely through the rules on discrimination, equality and diversity, the latest updates in employment law, as well as how to marry the law with softer skills such as managing performance.
Always taking a commercial approach, we work with you to identify those most likely to benefit from training, then craft a bespoke programme to deliver exactly what your business needs.

Equality and Diversity Cases

Whether it is direct or indirect discrimination, a case of harassment, or failure to promote diversity, the Equality Act makes discrimination unacceptable in the workplace.

We will work with you to ensure you have appropriate measures in place to protect employees and advise you on the steps to take to ensure those policies are put into practice. To reduce the risk of future claims, we will explain the different forms of discrimination and work with you to develop robust anti-discrimination and diversity policies.

Unfair Dismissal Cases

Unfair Dismissal can be claimed by an employee when they consider that their dismissal was not one of the five fair statutory reasons; capability, conduct, redundancy, qualifications and some other substantial reasons. If successful, the award at tribunal consists of two elements; basic and compensatory award. The basic award is the same as a redundancy calculation and the compensatory element can be up to a year’s salary. So, getting it wrong can be costly – our employment law experts can help with advice and representation.

Employment Tribunals

Whilst it is always advised to try to resolve a dispute directly with an employee, there will be times when this is simply is not possible. In those cases, you may be called before an employment tribunal. With Poole Alcock on your side, you do not have to face it alone.

Our specialist employment solicitors will guide you through the process, outlining the choices available and recommending the best route for your case. If you do need to go to a tribunal, we will guide you through the work of the tribunal panel, ensure you are fully prepared and help you achieve the best outcome from the panel’s legally binding decision.

Our tribunal representation services are charged on a staged fixed fee basis, giving you peace of mind and certainty in relation to costs. A full breakdown of pricing can be found here.

How Long Does An Employment Tribunal Case Take?

Typically employment tribunal cases will last between 6-12 months. Cases can last significantly longer though, especially if there are complexities to the case. We will always keep you updated with likely timescales based on the particular circumstances of your case.

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